Friday, May 06, 2016

Milano: Furoi Salone 2016 – Fornasetti - Tema e Variazioni – The First Series 1 - 100 – Book Launch

“In rediscovering the sensuality of materials, the human variable generates uniqueness, an eclectic privilege in the midst of the digital age.”
Milano: Furoi Salone 2016 – Fornasetti - Tema e Variazioni – The First Series 1 - 100 – Book Launch. An intimate gathering of friends, intellectuals, artists, architects, designers and press where invited to Casa Fornasetti, for the book launch of Tema e Variazioni – The First Series 1 – 100.  The exquisite limited edition (one hundred), entirely handmade, printed with the first 100 illustrations from the series “Tema e Variazioni” (Theme and Variations) designed by Piero Fornasetti, with texts by Barnaba Fornasetti, Gio Ponti, Albert Manguel and Glenn O'Brien.  The book depicts the iconic timeless face of Lina Cavalieri, an opera singer who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries and who was considered “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Today Barnaba Fornasetti is perpetuating the Fornasetti’s tradition by continuing to produce and revive his father’s work the variations on the theme are almost 400.
Above. Barnaba Fornasetti, Miro Silvera, Jean Blanchard and Pas Leccese.

photograph courtesy Fornasetti

Fornasetti - Tema e Variazioni – The First Series 1 – 100
The first 100 variations of the iconic Lina Cavalieri’s face become a limited edition collectors’ book, entirely printed and bound by hand. Printing and publishing are part of Fornasetti’s identity since the beginning. For this special project Fornasetti has decided to work collectively with experts who represent the epitome of Italian craftsmanship.
The printer Rodolfo Campi
Nigel Coates and Davina Weir-Willats
Marco Arosio and Francesca Ballini Richards

Casa Fornasetti  


Stefano Raimondi

Marco Cendron, Angela Rui and Michele Lupi

Almond Brittle

Fornasetti - Tema e Variazioni – The First Series 1 – 100
Lina Cavalieri a true archetype: resembling a Greek statue, was the quintessential image of classical beauty, as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa and perfectly suited to Piero Fornasetti’s creativity. What inspired Fornasetti’s devotion and triggered his spontaneous, inexhaustible imagination was not so much the singer’s fame as the formal, artistic magnetism of her face. This portrait became Fornasetti’s fundamental and most enduring motif.

The bookbinder - Cristina Balbiano. Each volume consists in 100 illustrations printed on cotton paper using a hand press and it’s bound by hand and accompanied by text in monotype typography. The original brass matrices, engraved using the vintage technique of etching, become a component of the cover, giving each book a different appearance.
Valeria Manzi

Andrea Delle Case
Mobile Fagiolino - 1940 - designed by Gio Ponti

Hand-decorated by Piero Fornasetti - Fontana Arte

In the Sitting Room - Gianluigi Ricuperati

Mirror at Casa Fornasetti - Stefania Fersini
Barnaba Fornasetti also hosted "Mirror” a site-specific installation by artist Stefania Fersini, of a concave painting of the actual sitting room, a true trompe-l’oeil discreetly hung amongst the other mirrors.

Stefania Fersini

The Grey Pussycat




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