Sunday, May 01, 2016

Milano: Fuori Salone 2016 – Antonio Marras Interprets Eligo

Milano: Fuori Salone 2016 – Antonio Marras Interprets Eligo. Antonio Marras Interprets Eligo, the new brand by Segno Italiano with the installation Labyrinths and Threads. Made with 20 kilometers of hemp string the installation pervades the space of the Circlo Marras creating a maze which recreates a natural and primitive environment, the perfect scenario for the original Capsule Collection of terracotta bottles in a limited edition, hand-painted by Antonio Marras in shades of white, black and burgundy. Eligo was created to spread Italian craftsmanship and to combine  the craftsmanship in interior design projects through Eligo Studio.
Antonio Marras - The Terracotta of Impruneta
Twenty Brancusi-inspired totems of different heights are obtained by assembling and inverting geometries and dimensions of traditional Tuscan vases.
“The guest is your host and who is hosted.”
Percorsi di Gusto with chef Roberto Serra at Casa Marras
During the Salone Sardinian chef Roberto Serra’s temporary evening restaurant in the Circolo Marras gives shape and soul to Sardinian wines and food products.
Daniela Zedda – Senes 
photographs - portraits of Sardinian centenarians
Antonio Marras

Nonostante Marras Courtyard

Tonino Serra - Forget Me Not - cut flowers

Patrizia Marras


Wall and Deco
Antonio Marras – New Wallpaper Collection
Serra and Fonseca – Parfum

Nonostante Marras – Sardinian Cookies


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