Thursday, March 24, 2016

New York: Laura Kimpton - Omar’s Private Dining Club

New York: Laura Kimpton - Omar’s Private Dining Club. As you enter Omar’s, a private members dining club, which is discreetly tucked away, down some stairs in the basement of a Greenwich Village brownstone you are literally hit by Laura Kimpton’s fabulous monumental Love sculpture. It is dramatically placed right in front of the bar. The sculpture is part of the club’s ongoing public art program.

photograph by Sofija Kas - Courtesy Susan Grant Lewin Associates

California-based, American contemporary artist Laura Kimpton and Omar Hernandez, owner of Omar’s

Omar’s - The Candlelit Library Bar

Opened in 2013 as a private dining members club Omar’s is located alongside Omar’s La Ranita. The club’s membership is drawn from the arts, publishing, film, finance, music, advertising, and other industries. 

Photograph by Rose Hartman

David Bowie and Iman
Photos of Celebrities are placed throughout the club and in the entrance are interspersed between Laura Kimpton’s Love sculpture.

Omar’s – Dining Vault by the Solarium


 The Bread Basket

Lamb Meat Balls

Tuscan Kale Salad

Smoked Eggplant

Photograph by Rose Hartman
Ralph and Ricky Lauren
Nests in between the Love sculpture patterned with laser-cut birds

Ice Cream Sandwich

  Photograph courtesy Susan Grant Lewin Associates

Laura Kimpton – Love - welded steel - 13 feet long - each letter 6 feet tall by 2 feet and 4 inches deep. The sculpture is patterned with laser-cut birds and is part of a series first unveiled at the annual Burning Man event in Nevada. The series includes words such as Mom, Ego, Oink, Believe, and Dream. Kimpton’s fascination with words comes from a history of dyslexia. Kimpton’s work consists of painting, mixed-media installations, and sculpture.  Her creativity stems from a desire to question traditional views on social interaction, therefore invoking through her art a reaction from her viewers that ultimately completes her projects. She is continually exploring new mediums in her search for revelatory communication. Her raw and original work uses photography, found objects, televisions, paint, and resin - fusing objects of history to convey a very personal message.


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