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Venice - Lifestyle: Dinner Al Fresco in a Venetian Campo Photo Shoot

Venice - Lifestyle: Dinner Al Fresco in a Venetian Campo photo Shoot. When at a dinner I met a group of Americans  - friends of friends - who where in Venice not only to photograph a food and travel story, but also were having their young and talented chef (The Pines and Willow - Brooklyn) fly in to cook for their Italian friends, I couldn’t resist the urge to invite myself along too.
Above. The picture perfect setting; two table were set up outside our hostess’s house in a campo in Santa Croce.

Lifestyle - Dinner Al Fresco. Hostess Pamela Berry Morassutti Vitale and chef John Poiarkoff are getting ready as assistant photographer Monique Baron looks on whilst renowned food and travel photographer Andrea Gentl, who is one half of the photo duo Gentl and Hyers, edits photos of the days shoot on the vegetable gardens of the lagoon, from where all the vegetables came for the dinner.

photograph courtesy MUVE

The  Venetian Orti. All the food served was picked or foraged on the islands of Sant’Andrea and Sant’Erasmo,  just two of the Lagoon’s many vegetable gardens situated on islands, all the other ingredients were also sourced locally.

Above. The ink and watercolor painting will be shown in the Doge's apartment in the Palazzo Ducale in the exhibition entitled Water and Food in Venice - A history of the Lagoon and the City, the exhibition coincides with EXPO 2015 and its key theme “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life”.

Piero Brustolado
Case, orti e terreni vacui della «commissaria» presso il ponte Piccolo alla Giudecca – post 1474
ink and watercolor on paper
Archivio di Stato di Venezia

Water and Food in Venice - A history of the Lagoon and the City
Palazzo Ducale - September 26, 2015 – February 14, 2016


The Chef. John Poiarkoff is the executive chef at The Pines and Willow in Brooklyn, he flew in especially to cook all the fresh seasonal local food for the dinner party and photo shoot.

John's cooking is seasonally driven and built around local ingredients. Modern, with high end techniques but rustic and approachable.”

Photo Shoot 

Perine Renard is photographed by travel and food photographer Andrea Gentl as she captures the evening’s mood.

The Table is Set
Hostess, art director Pamela Berry Morassutti Vitale with her daughter Anna Morassutti Vitale


 Emma Farrell brings glasses to the table

Alba Morassutti Vitale

The Table is Set

Gently cooked then chilled mantis shrimp (canocchie) with young red onions, sea beans, purslane, wood sorrel peperoncino, and an emulsion of a broth made from their heads and shells


In The Kitchen
Chef John Poiarkoff and restaurant entrepreneur (Willow, The Pines, Brooklyn) and architect Carver Farrell

“Every year we cook a dinner in the mountains of upstate NY and source all the ingredients within 25 miles. This year we decided to join a group of friends and cook it Venice instead. So all the ingredients we used were sourced locally (vegetables from Sant Erasmo, fish from the sea etc. It was a great challenge and fun to meet local farmers, fishermen and winemakers!”

In The Kitchen

 Grilled Orata with peppers, tomatoes, capers, flowering yarrow, and wild bay leaf oil
Venetian Al Fresco Dinner Party

Dusty, Julian and Winifred Richards


Venetian Al Fresco Dinner Party
"Granchi" crab salad with cherry tomatoes, wild strawberries and tarragon

 Venetian Al Fresco Dinner Party

  Anna and Pamela

  In the Kitchen

A Madonna and Child Mexican Retablos hang on the kitchen wall

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