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Follina - Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia: Ristorante La Corte and Borgoluce – A Summer Tasting In The Organic Vegetable Garden.

Follina - Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia: Ristorante La Corte and Borgoluce – A Summer Tasting In The Organic Vegetable Garden. On a charming hot summer evening, the Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia’s starred Ristorante La Corte and Borgoluce, a biological model farm, got together for drinks and tastings of the farm’s many products in the hotel’s organic vegetable garden by the banks of the tiny Follina stream right in the “shade” of the surrounding Prosecco vineyards and of the imposing 14th Century Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria.

Orto Paradiso.  The small organic vegetable garden, which is annexed to the hotel, Relais and Chateaux Villa Abbazia in Via Paradiso, was the venue for guests and friends for the tasting of the many biological Borgoluce products, interpreted by the chefs of the hotel's starred Ristorante La Corte restaurant lead by executive chef Donato Episcopo.

Borgoluce - Buffalo Milk Mozzarella. Borgoluce is particularly famous for it’s buffalo herd.  The most sought after product is the ultra-fresh and wholesome mozzarella, produced by using only the milk from the buffaloes raised on the Borgoluce estate. The mozzarella is stored in its own liquid, and is perfect when eaten as soon as it is bought. The Borgoluce model farm is run and owned by the Conti Collalto on their land in the strolling hills in Collalto near Conegliano.  The Collalto family, who have owned and farmed the land for over one thousand years are particularly attentive to modern, model organic farming, as well as, eco-sustainability, thereby producing top quality and completely natural products; wines, meats and charcuterie, buffalo dairy products, polenta flours, oil, honey and walnuts.

Orto Paradiso.  The Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia is a family run hotel by the Zanon siblings, Ivana, Rosy, Giovanni and Mari.  It is Rosy who takes care of the restaurant, as always the perfect hostess, she greets guests with a glass of the Borgoluce Prosecco Superiore Brut in the hotel’s organic vegetable garden.


Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia  - Orto Paradiso

Ristorante La Corte’s sous-chef Federico De Luca takes great pride in caring for the organic vegetable garden, a great source of inspiration and fresh vegetables.

Onion, Black Olive, Caper and Basil Focaccia

Borgoluce - Prosecco. Borogluce’s Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut is made from a limited production of selected grapes.  The sparkling Prosecco has a rich and elegant personality. With the Zanon's family sense of hospitality, Giovanni Zanon pours the wine, he is, in fact, the Ristorante La Corte's sommelier. 


Borgoluce – Mandre Cheese

Mandre is a semi-hard buffalo milk cheese. It is aged for sixty days to lend it more complex aromas. On the palate, it has notes of fresh grass, bread and hazelnuts.


Ristorante La Corte - Vegetable Tempura

Using only the organic vegetables from the Orto Paradiso, the tempura is made directly in the vegetable garden itself and served immediately in brown butcher paper cones.

Baby Hamburgers

Bite sized baby hamburgers were grilled on a makeshift BBQ in the garden.  The ground meat is made from the cattle that are raised wild and graze freely on the 180 hectares fields on the Borgoluce estate. The direct cultivation of corn, wheat, soy and barley provides the animals with natural, controlled fodder.

Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia  - Orto Paradiso

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