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Venice: Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise Opening

Photograph courtesy Ca Pesaro
Venice:  Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise Opening. One of the greatest masters of contemporary art, Cy Twombly returns to Venice – where he was present at the Biennale no less than five times from 1964, the last being in 2001 when he won the Golden Lion.  The major monographic exhibition curated by Julie Sylvester and Philip Larratt-Smith is on show until September 13.
Above. Cy Twombly  - Untitled (New York City), 1968 - oil based house paint and wax crayon on canvas - 172.7 x 215.9 cm - Collezione private - courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Cy Twombly Foundation of New York and with the scientific coordination of Gabriella Belli and exhibition layout by Daniela Ferretti.
Above. Walter Hartsarich and Gabriella Belli

Larry Gagosian
Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise. Co curator with Julie Sylvester, Philip Larratt-Smith who writes in the catalogue … the unseen testimony of a work that is regenerated every time it appears – in an emotional continuum – and of an artist who never ceases to amaze “for the extraordinary visual intelligence and acute sensitivity to all forms of physical, natural and artistic beauty”.
  Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly – Untitled 1992 – tempera, acrylic, oil stick, wax crayon and pencil on wood – Cy Twombly Foundation
Germano Celant
Sigifredo Di Canossa and Angela Westwater
Luca Massimo Barbero

Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise. CY Twombly Paradise offers an initiatory journey through six decades of Twombly’s production as painter and sculptor and of his tireless creativity, and which in Venice: a new perspective of the mysteries and revelations of Twombly’s art. The work of Cy Twombly, who died in 2011, revolves around the universal themes of love, art, beauty and death, but the particularity of his artistic vision, his perspective of the world offers an extraordinarily original interpretation.

Above. Untitled Works – 1988 – collage, acrylic, house paint, wax crayon and felt-tip pen on paper – Cy Twombly Foundation.

Chiara Bertola and Elio Montanari

Alessandra Zoppi
Andrei and Robin Bowdin

Fiorella Rizzo and Guido Blumir

Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise. For Twombly art is the “earthly paradise”, where the experiences and emotions of the past are recovered and transfigured in the present. Love in all its manifestations – erotic, intellectual, platonic, romantic, love of culture, love of life – is the animating principle of his paintings, drawings and sculptures. His art is the mysterious, perfect union between dream and wakefulness, between irrecoverable past and a present perceptible through the senses, between intellectual ardour and a capacity to love: paradise regained.
Above. Paessaggio – 1986 – oil and acrylic on wood – Cy Twombly Foundation.

Paolo and Enzo Vizzari with Fabbiana Giacomotti


Maria Albani and Beba Cittone
Francesco Pantaleone and Marco Arosio
Ca Pesaro - Cy Twombly Paradise. His hallmarks, intentionally painted, drawn and written cancelled out lines, coexist with occasional drops, sprays and smears allowed to spread over the surface, revealing the creative process.” Created a few weeks before his death, these polished and hypnotic surfaces – four of which are on display on this occasion – were the last paiUntitled - 2005ntings to be made by the American artist.
Above. Untitled – 2005 – acrylic on paper – Cy Twombly Foundation.
Max Piva and Ulrica Theusner
Francesca Bortolotti and Olimpia Possati


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