Sunday, April 26, 2015

Milan - Salone del Mobile: A Stomaco Vuoto – On an Empty Stomach

Milan - Salone del Mobile: A Stomaco Vuoto – On an Empty Stomach. 21 artists tackle the delicate and complex Fasting issue. Provoking the theme of this year’s Expo 2015 devoted to Food. Not only does On an Empty Stomach allude to the lack of Food, it is actually a metaphor for Emptiness and refers to any kind of Absence and Fasting, Change and Regeneration.

Above: On an Empty Stomach  - Sofie Lachaert and Luc Dohanis – Sausages Cement Tiles, Silver Bucket, Precious Stool. “Everything has an end except the sausage, which has two.”  This aphorism refers to the demise of craft and industry, here specifically denoting the rise and fall of cement tile production in the Low Countries from the 19th to the mid-20th century. The sausage is used as a motif that can be read either as an abstract repeating pattern or as a literal representation of food (and even general economic sustenance) on the surface of the tile itself.


On an Empty Stomach  - DWA - Alberto Artesani and Frederik De Wachter – Dusk. Ramadan is the holy month during which Muslims fast, refraining from eating, drinking, and from other pleasures Fitur is the name of a ritual celebrated when the sun sets, at dusk, when the abstinence and fasting duty ceases, in homage to the Prophet Mohammed, by eating some dates and drinking a glass of water.
 “Dusk” is meant to celebrate this time of joy and sharing, the transition from day to night when the banquet table lights up disclosing its treasures.
Below. Alberto Artesani and Frederik De Wachter

On an Empty Stomach  - Donata Paruccini – Un Buco Nello Stomaco.  Ginger biscuits.


On an Empty Stomach  - Studio Dessuant Bone – Fasted. ‘Fasted’ a family of tableware removed or fasted of their functions; it questions the links between objects surrounding us and their representation.

  On an Empty Stomach  - Analogia Projects - Fasting Religions.  Giving up certain foods is a practice that takes place among people distant in both geographical origin and culture. The goal of this project is to bring together different religions, a feat, which is very delicate nowadays.   Each religion has its own feast days, each organized according to their calendar.

On an Empty Stomach  - Arabeschi di Latte - 1909. A small collection of plates as a tribute to the Suffragettes, the women who in the early 20th century fought for changing their conditions within society. A symbolic object to remember the hunger strike that was used by them as part of their protest.




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