Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Missoni Mirroring

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Missoni Mirroring - Party. It is a game of mirroring effects. Reflections of colors and patterns. Surfaces and shapes that double up, overturn, rotate, refract. It’s "Missoni Mirroring", a kaleidoscopic meeting, wedging in, inlaying through space and time, evocations and innovations.
Above. The video Missoni Mirroring - Milan Design Week 2015 by Marco Proserpio and Jacopo Farina.

Missoni Mirroring - Rosita Missoni


Missoni. Missoni Mirroring is an interplay of images created by the fashion house to present the new season, which saw the history of Missoni in a central role at the events for the Fuori Salone with their Bolla vases from the new Missoni Home and Richard Ginori collection as well as a new line of mirrors.

The Missoni young men Marco, Francesco, Ottavio and Giacomo with nonna Rosita and Angela Missoni

Father and Son - Giampiero and Angelo Jelmini

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Luca Missoni


Roger Seldon and Marco Maccapani

Maurizio Nicchetti, Rosita Missoni and Federica Marangoni


Alberto Jelmini and Carla Rottola

Maddalena  Aspes and Silvia Martineghi

Mariuccia Casadio

Maggie Geoffroy-Dechaume

Andrea Salotti, Angela Missoni Francesco and Maccapani Missoni

Aldo Cibic and Chiara Rusconi


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