Monday, April 27, 2015

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Dilmos – Matteo Thun Atelier

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Dilmos – Matteo Thun Atelier. Matteo Thun Atelier is the beginning of a journey towards the recovery of Italian Arts and Crafts. It wants to share the emotions and feelings of "antique materials". It is reinstating the "beauty practices" of Italian Renaissance workshops. It is an open design platform. It wants to revive the best of Italian artisan entrepreneurship. It is the work of a team of architects, stylists and graphic designers who have been working together for many years in Milan in the "workshop" at 9, Via Appiani.
Above. Atelier Matteo Thun - Totems AC. Totem AC consists of a series of one-off pieces made up of 'stacked' overlapping white vases, each characterized by a consecutive serial number. Designed by Matteo Thun and manufactured by Alesso Sarri, the collection of totem sculptures is based on a combination of archetypal container and amphora shapes. Made of white bisque porcelain, their formal simplicity is emphasized by the white, wax-treated surface.

Dilmos – Matteo Thun Atelier – Venere Bianca Vases.  Designed by Matteo Thun, Venere Bianca is a limited edition of nine terracotta vases manufactured by master potters in Tuscany. Inspired by medieval medicine pots, the vases also pay tribute to the ideal woman in Montelupo Fiorentino. The finish is the result of gauze imprints and combing marks.
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