Sunday, March 08, 2015

Venice: Louis Vuitton Bookstore – My Pretty Venice book launch

Venice: Louis Vuitton Bookstore – My Pretty Venice book launch. In the charming bookstore on the third floor of the Louis Vuitton store in Venice, the book launch of My Pretty Venice – A Girl’s Guide to true Venice by Isabella Campagnol and Elisabeth Rainer with illustrations by Beatrice Campagnol,  and is available in Italian, French and English. This small and precious carnet d'adresses tells the reader the most authentic and exclusive Venice: one that houses shops, boutiques, restaurants and taverns, museums and other places that are dear to Venetians.  It also offers female visitors the opportunity to live unusual and exquisitely refined experiences.

My Pretty Venice – authors. Illustrator Beatrice Campagnol and authors Elisabeth Rainer and Isabella Campagnol

Judi Harvest

Jean Moncrieff, Rory Fraser and Holly Snapp 

Manuela Pivato

Madile Gambier and Isabella Casa Palumbo Fossati  

Alexia Boro

Cat Bauer and Susanna Sent

  Sara Boatto

Paul Pattinson and Geoffry Humphries

Alice Tibaldi and Angelica Semenzato

Anna Turcato and Massimiliano  Zane

Maxime Blotin

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