Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paris: La Bastille – Rue de Charonne – Vint Neuf - Henri Turc.

Paris: La Bastille – Rue de Charonne – Henri Turc. What caught my eye on the Rue de Charonne in the 11eme arrondissement were not the trendy boutiques; Isabel Marant, Repetto, Feiyue, French Trotters, So We Are, but the curious and quirky upholsterer and decorator, Henri Turc, whose workshop/atelier gallery is called Vint Neuf and is in fact at number 29 of the rue.
Above.  The atelier Vint Neuf's window looks out onto Rue de Charrone, a plastic Spaghetti bar stool, bamboo lamps, mirrors and a Moldavian rose needlepoint carpet is draped on a French sofa.

Vint Neuf – Henri Turc. The simpatico craftsman specializes in mid century antiques and also has a great sense of humor, he was quite happy to have a chat on a warm sunny day.  Though he is better known for as an upholsterer, curtain maker and decorator he also deals, in his small workshop, in kitsch vintage pieces from the 1950s and ‘60s.
Above. Henri Turc beside some 1950s vintage curtains.

Vint Neuf – Henri Turc. 1950’s French ceramic fish lights from the Vallauris region in the South of France.

Vint Neuf – Henri Turc
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