Thursday, March 26, 2015

Paris: Caffe Stern – Restaurant

Paris: Caffe Stern – Restaurant.  Open from 8.30 to midnight, is the Caffe Stern in the Passage des Panoramas, in one of the most famous covered Parisian passageways, featured in Emile Zola’s 1880’s novel Nana.  This Italian restaurant is situated in the old Stern engraver’s boutique closed in 2007, the historical monument whose interior was recently re-designed by Philippe Starck, boasts the cuisine of the Alajmo brothers, Le Calandre in Padova, Caffe Quadri in Venice, who together with David Lanher, the new entrepreneur of Parisian restaurants, Racines, Vivant, Paradis, have created the latest trendy, yet most delicious restaurant in Paris.
Caffe Stern: 47 Passage des Panoramas - 47 Galerie des Varietes, 75002 Paris.

Telephone: +33 1 75 43 63 10.

Caffe Stern. The restaurant is incredibly cozy for a Starck designed interior. The space is divided into small dinning rooms with embossed Codorvan leather on the walls. “The coming together of Stern and the Alajmo brothers is magic,” explains Starck. “Like the engraver Stern, the Alajmos cultivate excellence and originality. To honor this union, we barely transformed the historical landmark: we just improved the existing magic. The resulting environment is fantastic, probably the nicest and most enjoyable bacaro in the world. A visit to Caffe Stern by Alajmo is a journey through time, history, culture, and an invitation to create and strive for excellence. Our contribution is magic, poetry, surrealism and, of course, food.”

Friture de Legumes et Nuages de Riz Noir
Sauce Froide a l’Estragon et a la Betterave Rouge

Dinner guests. Hostess Rosita Missoni with her girlfriends, Claude Brouet and Monique Marx

Raviolis de Burrata au Bouillon de Fruits de Mer et Quartiers de Tomates

Grilled Pinapple with Ginger Ice Cream

 Citrus Fruit Salad with Mango Ice Cream and Black Olives

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