Sunday, February 15, 2015

Venice - Murano: 1950s Kiosk/Bar – Poldo Bar

Venice - Murano: 1950s Kiosk/Bar – Poldo Bar.  When visiting the island of Murano, famous for it’s Murano hand-blown glass, it’s worth going to have an espresso at Poldo Bar. It is a tiny, tiny original 1950’s kiosk/bar on the Campiello Convento on the Fondamenta Sebastiano Santi. Untouched by time it is true Mid-Century Italian design, and hopefully will remain that way.
Poldo Bar. 3 Campiello Convento, Fondamenta Sebastiano Santi - 30100 Murano -tel. 041 739337.

Poldo Bar. The tiny kiosk/bar, also sells packaged commercial candy and was established sixty-five years ago by Poldo and today, his son Giovanni, who shuffles around the bar runs it. It is beautifully preserved with its original fixtures; mirrors, crystal glass and bent lacquered rattan wood.

Poldo Bar. Signor Giovanni, who could be straight out of a Fellini movie, prepares an espresso.
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