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Venice: The Aristo-Goti

Photograph courtesy Laguna B

Venice:  The Aristo-Goti. The “aristo–goti” are stem-less drinking glasses created by Venetian aristocrats. Goti are as old as the art of Murano glass: the drinking glasses were created by the maestro glassblowers with leftover glass to enable the workers to quench their thirst during breaks from the hot, grueling labor in the furnace.
Laguna B - Contessa Marie Brandolini d’Adda. The goti, above, were designed by the late talented and beautiful Contessa Marie Brandolini d’Adda for Laguna B. Marie was able to make a thousand-year tradition her own, transforming the goti de fornase (cups from the workshop) into goti d’artista, becoming the pioneer of a new type of glassware which is today recognized the world over.

Above. Marie Brandolini d'Adda - Goti - An infinite palette of colors, with jumbled, though never random,murrine inserts.


Laguna B - Marie Brandolini d’Adda – Berlingot. Almost a play on words, suggesting the bonbons of Provence and the 'goto' glass tumblers.  The Laguna B collection comprises of eight ‘families’ of tableware, to which Marcantonio Brandolini, heir of Marie’s ideas, adds with his energetic aesthetic taste a personal touch with his talent for finding new materials for molds.

photograph courtesy manfredi bellati

Venice: Giberto - Conte Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga. Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga designs under the label Giberto, beautiful refined luxury objects and glassware. However, it is the fascination for glass and high quality craftsmanship that have always been central to his interests, an interest he inherited “From my mother I absorbed a deep sense of aesthetics and hence a passion for beautiful things was formed, and the desire to bring them back to life.” Gibi, as he is known to his friends, explains.
Above. Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga - The Palazzo Series  - hand engraved Murano glass with images of architectural details of Venetian palazzi.

Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga - The creative element is always fun for Gibi - it's a discovery.

Giberto - Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga – Lacrima Riga Series Murano glass.  The Lacrima (tear) glasses, have a colored drop which descends down from the rim. The luxury items most certainly, don’t need a palace to be enjoyed and they would look good in any apartment. "That's why I like to be inspired by the 17th century. It’s a simple, straightforward century. It’s not as camp and exaggerated as the 18th century, or as dark and heavy as the 19th century.” Gibi concludes.

Venice: Orsa Foscari - Contessa Orsola Foscari. Under the label Orsa Foscari, Orsola engraves Murano hand blown transparent goti with different subject matters; fishes, butterflies, dogs, cats, vegetables and more. She can engrave almost any subject matter, and has no lack of imagination or creativity. Orsola works mostly on commission and her goti can also be found at L’Angolo Del Passato.
L’Angolo Del Passato - Campiello dei Squelini – Dorsoduro 3276 – Venezia 30123 – tel: +39 041 5287896.

Orsola Foscari – loves to create things with her hands

L’Angolo Del Passato – Orsola Foscari – The Fish Series

L’Angolo Del Passato – Giordana Naccari. Giordana Naccari owns the beautiful glass antique shop L'Angolo del Passato well known by lovers of Venetian glass.  She is also patron, friend, manufacturer and dealer to the young Venetian Aristocracy who design glasses. It is here where you can buy the designs of Marie Brandolini and Orsola Foscari, as well as her own, one of a kind goti. It was here that Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga first launched his collection.  Besides contemporary designs, you can find collectables by Seguso, Venini, Barovier e Toso, just to name a few.

L’Angolo Del Passato – Giordana Naccari. Giordana explains, “As each human being is unique, so is the handmade goto.”  Her work reflects her taste in abstract lines and large splashes of color. In addition to her own work, Giordana also spends her time helping artists realize their projects in Murano.
Above. Giordana Naccari – Goti – unique pieces– Murano handblown glass.

L’Angolo Del Passato - Campiello dei Squelini – Dorsoduro 3276 – Venezia 30123 – tel: +39 041 5287896.

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