Thursday, October 30, 2014

New York: A Tour with John Derian around his East Village stores

New York:  A Tour with John Derian around his East Village stores.  The John Derian Company Inc. brand is becoming well known far beyond the cognoscenti - though it is synonymous with decoupage, it is much more. In John Derian's three store in New York's East Village you can find not only his complete decoupage collection, but also gifts and household objects, furniture, dry goods, all especially scouted and hand picked from around the world, from small producers, flea markets and antique shops.  Like John himself they convey an understated elegance and freshness, their quirkiness and playfulness, they make special unusual gifts, not found elsewhere. His illustrious clients are people who do not necessarily  "want to appear" they appreciate the quality and uniqueness and sense of humor and often fun the goods convey. 
Above. The iconic John Derian Company Inc. flagship store at 6 East Second Street.

John Derian.   John Derian takes Contessanally, on a special tour, around his three stores, all located next to each other, on Second Street in the charming East Village of New York City. He picks out some of his favorite things and explains why he is especially fond of them.
Above. John Derian in front of Animal Heads: Made mostly of  paper in Asia, designed by Cody Foster. “I love the humor and handmade quality of this animal friendly taxidermy.”

John Derian - John Derian Dome Paperweights. “Part of our vast decoupage collection, I love a little bit of color on a desk, I keep adding more and more to this part of my collection.”

John Derian - Tulip chair covered in Tissus Tartares. “Our own Tulip chair design upholstered in Russian-inspired Tissus Tartares fabric. I love all of the prints from Tissus Tartares they seem modern even though they are based on 19-18c prints.” In the background a vintage unicorn.

John Derian – Hugo Guinness Paintings and Watercolors. “One-of-a-kind Hugo Guinness paintings framed by Hugo himself with vintage frames. I have been showing Hugo’s works for 10 years and they keep getting better!”

John Derian - The Green Vase Paper Flowers. “Handmade in New York City using hand-dyed, hand cut papers and vintage pots. I love the charm and wit expressed in these beautifully handcrafted flowers by Livia Cetti.” 


John Derian - Amanda Moffat Ceramics. “Handmade in Brooklyn by Amanda Moffat using stencils and hand-painted motifs. Amanda has been a potter for many years; this new blue print is a favorite reminding me of the old blue and white pottery from the 18c.”

John Derian - West African Textiles. “Indigo-dyed men's garments from Burkina Faso. I love indigo and couldn't resist making these pillows out of our vintage African textiles.”

John Derian – Astier de Villattes Ceramics Collaboration. “Handmade in Paris. It was exciting for me to work with them on this collaboration I love their work and that the pieces are functional and dishwasher safe.”

John Derian – John Robshaw Pillows. “Designed in New York City, hand block printed in India. John Robshaw does great work in India but this group is especially nice.”

John Derian – Papiers Dominotes Book. “A beautiful book of antique French wallpapers, I basically worship anything paper and 17c so this book was a must for me when I found it in Paris.”

John Derian – Ino Schaller Halloween Decor. “Made in Germany, I love that these are all handmade using their original molds from the 19c.”

John Derian. John Derian in front of a theater backdrop and a Dromedary sofa. “The theater backdrop is European, late 19th century. I love a bit of fantasy and theatrics so anytime I find backdrops I have to get them! The love seat was from France, re-tweaked and now a favorite piece in my collection. It's called the Dromedary and is upholstered in Tissus Tartares fabric, which is a Russian-inspired fabric line.


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