Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Catskill - Hudson Valley: Catskill Mill Food Truck

Catskill - Hudson Valley: Catskill Mill Food Truck.  What could be better than sitting outside on a bright sunny October day and having a great Vietnamese-inspired meal by Catskill Creek at the Catskill Food Truck in Catskill The food is easily amongst the best in the Hudson Valley and it’s such a pity that it closes on October 25. 

Catskill Mill Food Truck. Chef Hannah Black Uses all local products and tickles your taste buds with extremely delicious exotic flavors.

Crispy Baby Eggplant with Vietnamese Chimichurri

Warm Chicken Pho Ga Soup with Rice Noodles, Mustard greens

 Heirloom Corn on the Cob with Charred Coconut, Peanuts

Catskill Mill Food Truck.  Herbs grow behind the truck, ready to be used.
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