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Venice: Caffe Quadri – Le Chiavi del Passato Aprono Futuri Preziosi –

Venice: Caffe Quadri – Le Chiavi del Passato Aprono Futuri Preziosi – Cocktail. On a warm late summer evening, a cocktail party, entitled “Le Chiavi del Passato Aprono Futuri Preziosi” (the keys of the pass open precious futures…), in the most famous square of Venice, at the Gran Caffe Quadri, the Venetian jeweler, Roberto Coin celebrated the restoration project of three reliquaries of  the Holy Cross,housed in Saint Mark's Basilica, realized in collaboration with the Comitato Italiano per Venezia (Italian Committee for Venice).
Above. The orchestra of the Gran Caffe Quadri.

 photographs courtesy Roberto Coin

Le Chiavi del Passato Aprono Futuri Preziosi. Before the cocktail party an exclusive tour of Saint Mark’s  Basilica, with an exceptional guide in the figure of Monsignor Meneguolo, who is in charge of the ecclesiastic section of Cultural Heritage in Venice.  Guests saw up close the three reliquaries of the Holy Cross; the Holy Cross of the Emperor Henry of Flanders, Saint John of the Barbarigo family and a fragment of the Column of Flagellation, all recently restored by Roberto Coin.
Above: Reliquary – Before and After Restoration.  The Reliquary of the Column of the Flagellation. The reliquary consists of a granite stone the size of a fist, which was part of the treasures of Saint Mark’s back in 1375.

Matteo Marzotto and Roberto Coin

Alessandra, Carolina and Cecilia Valmarana, Piero Maccarinelli and Pilar Coin

 Jerome Zieseniss and Birkim de Montebello

Tinetta Gardella, Beppe Modenese and Lucia Zavagli

 Rufus Ablemarle and Servane Giol

Two Jewelers of Piazza San Marco – Roberto Coin and Alberto Nardi

 Paola and Marino Golinelli


Emanuela Notarbartolo Di Sciara and Bianca Loredan

Bianca  and Gilberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga

 Paolo Lorenzoni and Pilar Coin

Isabella and Ketty Alvera

Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini

The Roberto Coin boutique next to the Caffe Quadri remained open throughout the event welcoming guests with goodie bags.  On show the exclusive window with the creations signed by the Italian designer. In the last decades, his jewels have been considered the origin of many trends in the worlds of fashion and art.
Above. Marta Marzotto and Roberto Coin.

Arancini di Pesce
Luigi Zoratti and Margot Kechler

 Raffaello and Silvia Napoleone

Isa Parodi, Adalberto Cremonese and Piero Pinto

Gloria Beggiato and Marco Loredan
Jane da Mosto, Josefina Alzetta and Elena Longanesi

 photograph courtesy Roberto Coin

Reliquary – Before and After Restoration. The reliquary of the Holy Cross of the Emperor Henry of Flanders - Maestro Gerardo, 1206.

Nicoletta Loredan and Carla Alvera

Sigrid de Montrond and Maria Grazia Rosin

Nghi Nguyen, John Browne and Fabio Moretti

Manila Bernardi and Luca Franceschin

Alessandro Palwer and Bianca Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga

Fritto Misto

Pietro Berlingeri and Erika Bertin

Roberto De Feo and Alessandra Zoppi

Alessandro and Miriam Danesin

Napoleon called the Piazza San Marco the most beautiful drawing room of Europe.

Justine Bradley and Hugues Le Gallies 

France Thierard, Fabio Pacifico and Alessandra Zoppi

The  Moon on the Piazza



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