Monday, September 15, 2014

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano.

Venice: Lucy the Piano Arrives at Santa Lucia Train Station. Lucy the Piano, named after the station’s saint, arrived at Venice Santa Lucia train station not by train but by boat, and is placed on the left of the lobby under a departure and arrival board.  Donated by composer, singer songwriter and pianist Sofia Taliani to the city as part of the project United Street Pianos Italia, which aims to place a piano in every station.  In the world there are currently more than 700 pianos in 30 cities, each with the inscription "Play me. I'm yours."

 Video courtesy Daisy Rickman

Photograph courtesy Daisy Rickman

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano. Sofia Taliani was inspired by her experience of playing the piano for two months inside London's St. Pancras station, where the participation of a large number of people played, listened to, communicated with each other almost 24 hours a day making the station a more human and alive place through the station's three pianos.  The purpose of "United Street Pianos Italia" is to bring people together'  to offer a tool and a place where everyone is equal and the opportunity to remind the world that we are all human.

Above. Sofia Taliani played the piano accompanied by the flute of Giulio Giannelli Viscardi.

Sofia Taliani and Giulio Giannelli Viscardi

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano.  Architect Giovanni Rubin de Cervin Albrizzi, to whose father, the late Venetian composer and writer Ernesto Rubin de Cervin the piano is dedicated, photographed with artist Lilli Doriguzzi.

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano. Twenty-year-old singer songwriter Nadir Dal Grande chips in with his composition Liberta.


Video artist Anita Sieff, jewelry designer Antonia Miletto, artist Lilli Doriguzzi and Andriana Marcello

Benedetta Gaggia and Lorenza Savini

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano.   The talented nineteen-year-old filmmaker Daisy Rickman, from Cornwall was documenting the whole event.

photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

Venice: Stazione Santa Lucia - Lucy the Piano. As Daisy Rickman filmed and Sofia Taliani played accompanied by the beautiful soprano jazz voice of Claudia Graziadei the crowds drew round.

Manager Chiara Gradella, architect Matthias Burhenne and actor, author and music buff Maria Novella Papafava dei Carraresi, who also improvised vocalization to the music played by Sofia Taliani.

designed  and courtesy - Pieluca Albanese

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Sofia Taliani – United Street Pianos Italia
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