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Treviso Day Three: Open Day - Modesign/Fashion at IUAV Elementi exhibitions - Talks - Newcomers

Treviso Day Three: Open Day - Modesign/Fashion at IUAV - Elementi exhibitions. In the headquarters of the degree courses in Fashion Design of the Universita IUAV di Venezia, based in Treviso, the student’s Open Day, with an exhibition and two installations.

Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design. The Elementi exhibition was curated by Mario Lupano, a three-dimensional reflection on the principles and fundamentals that govern the design of clothes and accessories and their imaginary: the results showed the outcomes of the many design workshops over a five-year period, consisting both of BA and MA degree students. 

CC Exhibition  - Ricalcami - Trace Me
Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design – CC Exhibiton curated by Maria Bonifacic and Ema Bonifacic. CC = Collective Collection.

CC Exhibition - Provami – Try Me

 Photograph courtesy IUAV

CC Exhibition  - Mascot Doll – Portami Via Con Te – Take Me Away With You

  The Bonifacic: Vjera, Maria, Ema with Maja and Alma

CC Exhibition – Toile de Jouey IUAV

Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design - Vanity: Appunti per una Mostra – installation.   In the library, the installation, Vanity: notes for an exhibition, curated by Maria Luisa Frisa and was dedicated to the extraordinary Vanity magazine concept.  The magazine was created in the early eighties under the axis of Conde Nast Italia by style icon and fashion journalist ​​Anna Piaggi.  It re-launched fashion illustration as a tool to tell the kaleidoscopic scenes of the times.
Above. Maria Luisa Frisa, curator,fashion historian, author and director degree program in Fashion/Design at the Universita IUAV di Venezia.

Vanity: Appunti per una Mostra – installation. The magazine is presented as a case study. It will be the starting point for future research projects that will investigate this exceptional publishing event and the relationship with its illustrators.  

Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design - Bonotto Fabric Room - installation. The Bonotto Fabric Room installation, curated by Maria Cristina Cerulli, tells the story of the virtuous relationship with Bonotto and the university. The textile company has generously provided students, for their projects, with a large selection of fabrics.

Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design - Fashion Revolution.  During the open day inauguration: Fashion Revolution a performance/installation in collaboration with FashionRevolution.org Italy, to reflect critically about the question "who made ​​your clothes?".

"We believe in a fashion industry
that values people,the
environment, creativity and
profit in equal measure.

Our mission is to
bring everyone together
to make that happen."


Amanda Montanari


Open Day at IUAV Fashion/Design:  Elementi Exhibition

Elementi Exhibition

  Elementi Exhibition

Una Finestra sul Cortile – A window Looking Onto the Courtyard. The designs of the final workshop of BA Fashion/Design students with professors Arthur Arbesser and Veronika Allmayer-Beck, supervised by Maria Luisa Frisa.

Arthur Arbesser

Elementi Exhibition

Leonora Jakovljevic

Knitting machines at IUAV

Open day at IUAV Fashion Design:  Maria Luisa Frisa, director of the Fashion/Design courses at IUAV greets the illustrious guest speakers from the mornings’ MISA symposium.

Highly appreciated and delicious Goppion coffee

Day Three: Auditorium of the Museo di Santa Caterina - Fashion at IUAV 2014 – Talks # 3. One of the major international fashion brands of made ​​in Italy, Ermanno Scervino's, Toni Scervino and Ermanno Daelli, were the guests of the fashion journalist, Giusi Ferre in the final day of talks of the Modesign/Fashion at IUAV 2014 events, in Treviso.
Above. Toni Scervino, Giusi Ferre, Ermanno Daelli and Maria Luisa Frisa.

Laura Lusuardi and Ermanno Daelli

  Toni Scervino

Sara Majno and Andrea Batilla

Newcomers # 11 – Hotel Continental – Edoardo Gallorini



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