Thursday, July 10, 2014

Modesign/Fashion at IUAV 2014: Day Two: Spazio Paraggi – Other Voices exhibition.

Treviso: Modesign/Fashion at IUAV 2014
Day Two: Spazio Paraggi – Other Voices exhibition. In the art gallery Spazio Paraggi in the center of Treviso, the fabulous exhibition Other Voices, a fragment of work done by the MA students of the Visual Arts of the Fashion department at the University IUAV of Venice. The group was taught by the designer, Cesare Fabbri, who directed a specific section of the Laboratory of Advanced Design in Fashion. The outcome of this process were presented in the exhibition; through the development of imagery, and the construction of a collection of clothes they tell the story of the exercises, research, review processes and the choice of topics, silhouettes, materials, and milestones in the path that students undertook with him.
Undergraduate projects: Monica Albergoni, Alessandro Bianchini, Elena Bilato, Giorgia Maceria, Mariaelena Stocchi and Ying Wang.
Student projects: Marta Busatto, Alberto Furlan and Ester Rigato.
Above. Works by Ying Wang.

Other Voices  - curator, professor and designer Cesare Fabbri

Other Voices  - Mariaelena Stocchi

Other Voices  - Giorgia Maceria

Other Voices  - Alessandro Bianchini

Other Voices 

Other Voices  - Alberto Furlan

Other Voices  - Ester Rigato 

  Other Voices  - Marta Busatto

Spazio Paraggi’s director Nicoletta Dell'Aira

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