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Milan – Furniture Fair - Wallpaper Handmade with Leclettico party.

Photograph courtesy Wallpaper magazine

Milan – Furniture Fair - Wallpaper Handmade with Leclettico party.   For the fifth fabulous year Wallpaper magazine assembled an international cast of star designers, craftsmen and makers to produce one-off wonders.   The exhibition and party was held at Leclettico the contemporary design gallery.  Claudio Loria, the brains behind Leclettico also co-curated this years exhibition and together Wallpaper created a majestic setting that was elegant as it was unexpected, a celebration of ‘handmade’ in its own right.
Above. Angela Missoni and Wallpaper’s editor in chief Tony Chambers.

Leclettico’s and co-curator Claudio Loria


Wallpaper Handmade: Wild Feast picnic basket – designed by Neri and Hu – sponsored by Jaguar Design. Neri and Hu created a distinctly modern and boldly Chinese interpretation of
a very traditional British item, the picnic basket. Made from precision-engineered carbon fiber, the beautifully realized
 basket displays an intelligent understanding of the contemporary Jaguar aesthetic.

Matteo Thun

Defne Koz

Wallpaper Handmade: Jungle Wash bathroom I designed by Jose Levy and Up Group. From rough blocks of emerald-green Guatemalan marble, where only the functional parts are polished, French interior designer Jose Levy created an offbeat bathroom collection that, he says, is ‘a bit like washing in nature after a tropical rainfall’. The shower, shelving, sink, tap, mirror, foldaway stool and toothbrush were created in collaboration with Italian marble specialist Up Group.

Jose Levy and Matteo Baldini

Wallpaper Handmade: Entangled Light – designed by Suzanne Tick and Mary Wallis. Textiles and neon tubing may not have any obvious similarities, but in the hands of textile designer Suzanne Tick and lighting specialist Mary Wallis, the two media have poetically become one. Their glowing neon artwork, which is realized in varying gradients of white, is an arresting homage to the textile-making process. The duo started by mocking up weaving designs out of paper. Wallis then traced the outline of the final paper model, rendered it in 3D, then had tubes of neon
bent accordingly. As a result, every undulating piece in the graphic work is unique and loyally mimics the principles of textile weaving.

Mary Wallis and Suzanne Tick

 Liborio Capizzi and Nigel Coates

Wallpaper Handmade: Clothes Horse – designed by Aaron Dunkerton and Kebony.  Elevating the humble clothes airer to a sculptural design piece, this work by Aaron Dunkerton is a domestic item
that any home would be proud to flaunt. Created in stainless steel and rich brown Kebony Radiata wood, provided by Brooks Bros, the clothes horse can be collapsed and discreetly stored away when not in use, then easily expanded back into its dramatic star shape when duty calls. It was fabricated using the OpenDesk platform.

Yves Behar and Anne-France Berthelon

Wallpaper Handmade: Cork Jacket – designed Todd Bracher and Amorim. Using cork’s natural pattern and texture as his starting point, Todd Bracher offers a new twist to the classic material’s applications.  Teaming up with Portuguese cork manufacturing giant Amorim and using the international company’s high-quality product, sourced straight from the country’s cork forests, Bracher created a minimalist two-tone jacket out of different cork composites.

Asia Persico, Fabrizio Rollo and jewelry designer Sveva Camurati

Wallpaper Handmade: Squeaky Clean set – designed by Daniel Emma. Wallpaper had been looking to upgrade the tools
of their weekly sprucing chores so they turned
to Australian design studio Daniel Emma. Knowing how proficient the duo are at ennobling everyday tools, they challenged them to scrub up the design of a broom, dustpan, bucket and sponge, which they’ve done admirably, using walnut, polished aluminum and powder-coated enamel.

Barnaba Fornasetti arrives by bike
 Rosa Bertoli 

Wallpaper Handmade: Tou tou pet transporter – designed by Mathieu Gustafsson – sponzored by Jaguar and inspired by Jaguar Design. Inspired by the Jaguar F-Type’s attention 
to detail, designer Mathieu Gustafsson 
was set the task of creating a bespoke carrier to transport small pooches from pavement to passenger seat. The resulting transporter, in hand-stitched saddle leather and rattan weave, means this maneuver can now be executed in high style.
Jerry Helling

Harry Allen, Gaye Cevikel and Arzu Kaprol

Speculum Mirror designed by Rony Plesl for Verreum

Jurgen Mayer H with his Lamp Collection 1001 for Gaia and Gino

Wallpaper Handmade: La Jeune Rue – How one man brought a world of creative talent and the best of French produce to Paris’ new hub. La Jeune Rue is Paris’ startling new gastronomic and cultural hub, a wildly ambitious initiative, combining sustainable agricultural, excellent food, urban renewal and a bevy of design stars.  Over the next several months, a handful of dreary Marais streets will be transformed into a prime destination for top-notch food and international design.

Eujeni Quitllet, Albert Boti and Marc Vicens

Wallpaper Handmade: Sewing Kit – designed by 1205 and Bulo. When Wallpaper asked London-based fashion designer Paula Gerbase, of label 1205, to contribute to the Handmade project, her inspiration came from her tailoring work. Her idea was to make a compact tailor’s travelling kit, which could be taken apart into four boxes ‘reflecting the interchanging relationships between all the different processes required to create
a garment.’ The kit is made of four triangular boxes, which attach with magnetic joints and a leather strap. Each box is dedicated to different functionalities of the craft; there’s a pincushion box, a scissors case, a container for bobbins, and a compartment to hold smaller items. For the manufacturing task, they enlisted office furniture expert Bulo, which made the kit using upcycled oak, darkened and given a silver-grey tint thanks to the natural black ink of wasp larvae that inhabit the trees. The wood was balanced with a Swiss polyester fabric, which was developed in a honeycomb pattern to balance and complement the oak.

Emily Marant and Tom Dixon

Wallpaper Handmade: Inflated Weavings – designed by Raw Edges and Dedon. Israeli-born designers Yael Mer and 
Shay Alkalay, aka Raw Edges, were looking for an alternative to the normal type of weaving, on top of a rigid structure, and decided using the technique on inflatables that would bring volume and softness. The first of two mats is an inflated inner tire with weaving that creates a nest. The second invites users to sit together with two inflatable cushions placed in the corners of the mat. The design nicely complements the contemporary materials-meets-traditional craftsmanship that is a hallmark of Dedon.

Jonah Takagi and Katrin Greiling
Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence
Wallpaper Handmade: Designer’s Survey Belt – designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence and Valextra. On the fifth anniversary of the Handmade endeavor, Wallpaper thought it would be fitting to produce a tool belt that celebrated
the marriage of design and craftsmanship.  To give new panache to this most practical of products, they enlisted Valextra’s 
leather expertise and French designer
 Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance’s creative flair. His ‘Designer’s Survey Belt’ is a versatile, modular piece that can be worn or hung, and has a lightness that the designer likens to birds on a wire. The pockets are shaped after the Valextra signature ‘V’ and each can be detached and reassembled according to the wearer’s needs.
Wallpaper Handmade: Tablet Book – designed by Paul Loebach and Logitech. Designer Paul Loebach, above, joined forces with tech accessories giant Logitech to rethink digital life on the move. Loebach café-hopped across New York to see how people engage with their laptops, tablets and smartphones as their desktop activities move out of the home and into the public realm. He looked at what analogue habits are valuable enough to keep and what should be reinvented. He also drew inspiration from vintage Braun and Vitsœ technology products and found Muji objects, which are all characterized by humbleness and understatement. The ‘Tablet Book’ combines the metal spiral binding of the utilitarian notebook and the functionality of a tablet case and keypad. It balances the human, tactile experiences of physical objects, with the ephemeral, ever-evolving world of technological advancement.

Wallpaper Handmade: Coffee Kettle and Trivet – designed by Iacoli and McAllister and coming Soon Coffee. Last year Wallpaper attempted to perfect their coffee offering when they brought the Coming Soon Coffee bar to Handmade. The search for
the perfect pour-over coffee-making utensils made them appreciate the scarcity of beautifully designed equipment of this nature. So  they looked to Seattle, the coffee capital of the States and home to design duo Iacoli & McAllister, who put their heads together with Hoi Chi Ng of Coming Soon Coffee to design the perfect pour-over kettle and trivet in black powder-coated stainless steel, copper and oak.

Jose Levy and Pierre Frey

Wallpaper Handmade:  Flat Chair – Schemata and Hancock. When Wallpaper started discussing a project with Scottish rubberized fabrics specialist Hancock, they decided to take the waterproof material away from its usual raincoat use and bring
it to the outdoor furniture world. Given the brand’s affinity with the Japanese market, 
 they identified Tokyo-based architectural practice Schemata as the perfect companion for the project. Schemata director Jo Nagasaka was intrigued by the fabric’s strength and thinness and, inspired by the ‘flat’ sheet
of fabric used to make the Hancock coats,
he devised a chair made of a flat layer of material. The chair is made of a moss green super 120s wool/cashmere bonded fabric, bearing the Siphonia Elastica print, a Victorian-era etching by Thomas Hancock illustrating the rubber plant used in the bonding process.

Doganberk Demir

Wallpaper Handmade:  Clerkenwell Coat – Wallace Sewell, Gieves and Hawkes and Designtex. Tasked with making a jacket out of Wallace Sewell’s bold upholstery fabric collection, Gieves & Hawkes chose to create a boating jacket out of ‘Clerkenwell’.  This Wallace Sewell designed fabric is
 made with Designtex and woven at Hield Brothers textile mill, Yorkshire. To make 
the most of the cloth’s vibrancy, the single-breasted, three-button jacket design comes with gently oversized pocket flaps
and has been paired with the barest of linings so the color contrasts of the reversible fabric can also be admired on the jacket’s inside.

 A beautiful dog await its owner


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