Thursday, May 01, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair – B and B Italia – Fornasetti – Sawaya and Moroni – Missoni Home

B and B Italia: Antonio Citterio – Mirto. At B and B Antonio Citterio’s Mirto chair was inspired by the classics of Modern Movement where leather is used for its structural properties, and not as a cover. Combined with a metal frame, it generates a highly sophisticated item with pure basic design.

B and B Italia: Doshi Levien – Almora. Named after the Indian region that offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayan Mountains and, quoting its designers, it longs to be “a haven from the world, a place for contemplation and reading from where one can admire magnificent snow-capped peaks. As protective as a second skin, enveloping like a soft blanket.” Doshi Levien explain the inspiration for their Almora armchair.
 Homage to the late, great Piero Busnelli founder of the company.

Fornasetti: Nigel Coates and Barnaba Fornasetti – Baciamano. In the new Fornasetti collection the armchair "Baciamano" designed by Nigel Coates in collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti, whose shape is reminiscent of a welcoming hand offering support thanks to a small table placed on the armrest and decorated with one of the many variations Fornasetti historical images. The seat is embellished by a cushion embroidered on both sides with different pairs of patterns to choose from: a dragonfly and a beetle, two different Roman coins, or of body parts.

Fornasetti: Detail of "Baciamano" side table designed by Nigel Coates in collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti.

 Photograph courtesy Fornasetti

Barnaba Fornasetti and Nigel Coates

  Coffee time at Fornasetti

Sawaya and Moroni: Dominique Perrault with Gaelle Lauriot Prevost - Indiscret, centerpoint armchair. At Sawaya andMoroni the Indiscret, Centerpoint Chair designed by Dominique Perrault with Gaelle Lauriot Prevost. Reappraising and reinterpreting the classical typologies of domestic seating led to the three-seater. Perrault studied the joint based on three identical arms that generates a three-seater unit arranged in a Y-shaped configuration. Because of the angles adopted by its configuration, Indiscret can accommodate three people, who can maintain their privacy without having to sit next to each other. Indiscret also comes with an unusual longhaired Mongolian sheepskin cover, whose soft whiteness transforms the figure into an informal, exuberant, exciting element.

Gerald Moran with Paolo Moroni, in the background William Sawaya’s Leggy Peggy armchair.

Sawaya and Moroni: William Sawaya – O’Blik armchair. William Sawaya has been focusing on the O’Blik series of chairs and occasional tables. Acting as a virtual yardstick, an empty modeled shaft has been cut diagonally to generate a sort of sculptural ring capable of fulfilling the function of the backrest and the point of frontal support. The same series also includes occasional tables in various heights and sizes that work on the principle of the ‘excavated volume’: wooden cylinders and parallelepipeds with fauve coloring on the inside and ‘cut out’ to define lightweight figures covered with tops in the same material or in glass etched with acids to achieve a particular frozen finish.

Missoni Home: Rosita Missoni – Flower Power.  Rosita Missoni’s love of flowers and the garden come strongly across in her latest collection for Missoni Home inspired by her garden in Sumirago.
Above. Rosita Missoni on the Papavero Filigrana Tiamat sofa.

 Missoni Home. A detail of the Nap chaise-longue sofa in matelassé jacquard with Pittsburgh chequered motif.

Missoni Home.  A brightly flowered carpet completes the collection.

Seen in the Missoni Home showroom Giannola Nonino, Rosita Missoni and  Chiara Bardelli Nonino

Missoni cookies


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