Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair - A "Taste" of Zona Tortona

Milan: Furniture Fair – A Taste of Zona Tortona – Samsung. In the Spazio Zegna in the Tortona area of Milan two Samsung installations, Premium House and “Flows: a Journey to the Future”.

Above: “Flows: a Journey to the Future” an installation of  the deconstruction of the present, where the Samsung appliances are dismantled, exposed and displayed, with their components suspended in the air, to show how they are designed and conceived.

Milan Furniture Fair: Zona Tortona Merci Pop-up Store.  The iconic Parisian design concept store Merci, invited by design star Paola Navone, created a temporary pop-up store in her studio in Via tortona 31.   On show amongst other goodies Navone’s collection of accessories designed for Essent’ial.
Above. A detail of a waterproof paper cape designed by Paola Navone for Essent’ial.

Merci’s creative director Daniel Rozensztroch

Milan Furniture Fair: Zona Tortona - Temporary Museum for New Design
 Superstudio Piu - Dejana Kabiljo 14.
 A Fences four-poster bed designed by Dejana Kabiljo 14.

Have you ever googled: freedom?
Results are images of people with wide spread arms dancing into the sunset
and brainy quotes from Albert Einstein to Megan Fox.
As each of us seeks to assert his “personal liberties” 
we helplessly collide with others in equal pursuit of their sacred freedoms,
which seem to threaten our own.
If freedom is such an elusive term, 
it is no wonder that we all too eagerly choose divisions and safety: the golden cage.

Milan Furniture Fair: Zona Tortona - Temporary Museum for New Design
 Superstudio Piu – Nikari. Nikari Oy, is a Finish manufacturer of sustainable wood design products of exquisite quality.
Above. December chair designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano in oak and leather.

Milan Furniture Fair: Zona Tortona - Temporary Museum for New Design
 Superstudio Piu – Print a Porter.   Print a Porter is an idea that combines, in a creative manner, two important aspects: the concept of printing and the concept of fashion design. A selected group of master class students from the Politecnico University of Milan, led by Marco Turinetto, produced design clothes and accessories made of paper getting the public involved and getting in touch with forms and materials. 

Print a Porter. Using Brother’s latest generation printers, through a Wi-Fi access, perfectly interfaced with Smartphones and Tablets for fast and immediate printing processes, a workshop was created to demonstrate how design springs to life by transforming from bi to three-dimensional: starting from printing, passing thorough the creation of a single module, ending with a coordinated transposition into a model. 

  Seen in Via Tortona

Photograph courtesy TDW

Milan Furniture Fair: Zona Tortona - Tokyo Designers Week in Milan. A preview to TDW, Tokyo Designers Week in the Fall in Japan, this exhibition is comprised of various contents expressing Tokyo, a place where both the contemporary city and Edo culture co-exist.
TDW: Kei-Ko Tokyo Ltd. Delusions of Tokyo 2020.  This work is a of fantasy image of the sports festival that will take place in Tokyo 2020. What will be the uniform, or the mascot, what kind of theme song?  “The “kawaii” entertaining work, my image of the Olympic 2020.” explains Teshima Ryo.

Teshima Ryo
TDW – Daron. Kitamura Takahiro, produces carved and processed wooden works under the name Daron. Fluid shapes that are not fixed.  Daily repetition with no chance to think.  Ever changing shapes arise naturally until complete; just so.

TDW – Tokyobussanten. At the Tokyobussanten stand an exhibition of luxury goods with a long history and tradition tea was served.   Rakugan, Japanese sweets made by the well established Kan You Te company with Wasanbon (Japanese sugar) which are shaped like sakura, cherry blossoms, a symbol of Japan, palely tinted with natural ingredients and come in a pretty box.

TDW – Cii Associates S.p.A.  Cii Associates Inoue Takao’s Oled Tampopo installation art.  “Fragility is expressed by an illuminated wavering tampopo.  It reminds us of our old memories of picking up dandelion’s puff.   The mysterious light gives us a moment to release ourselves.” he explains.
Cii Associates’s Inoue Takao
 Seen in Zona Tortona French designer Arik Levy

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