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Venice International Foundation - Venice Forever - Private Preview of Video

Lifestyle: Venice International Foundation - Venice Forever - Private Preview of VideoPiergiorgio and Franca Coin organized a very small lunch in their palazzo on the Grand Canal.  The occasion, a private preview of the new video that shows and explains all the work and restorations that the VeniceInternational Foundation, of which Franca is president, has done over the past eighteen years.

The Venice International Foundation: The Venice International Foundation is a non-profit organization, with headquarters in the Ca' Rezzonico Museum of Eighteenth Century Art.  It promotes cultural and research activities, with particular reference to the Venetian CivicMuseums and raises funds to finance their activities for specific projects. 
Above: The video showing a still of the Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770) painting, Nobility and Virtue Overthrow Ignorance, 1745, restored in 2002, in collaboration with the Leo Schachter Art Foundation, and located on the ceiling of the Tiepolo Room in Ca Rezzonico.

Venice International Foundation and Friends of Venice, Italy Inc.:  The dynamic president of the Venice International Foundation Franca Coin, who recently also launched and became president of  the American charity organization, Friends of Venice, Italy, Inc. “We will be ambassadors for the City of Venice, for our magnificent museums and our unique cultural and creative heritage, owned by the entire world, There are many “Friends of…” organizations, that are committed to raising funds and awareness for specific Italian cultural sites and issues. We want to make connections and promote an innovative and inclusive idea of “Friends of Italy”, preserving the identity of each institution.  The shared mission should be the preservation and enhancement of our unique “Italian Way of Life”, our strengths, our pride and sense of belonging, our landscape and all our artistic expressions, such as design, culture, food, fashion, music and science, etc..  Venice has an extraordinary history and a contemporary and innovative identity.  With this new organization, we also want to raise awareness of an issue that defines the Venetian identity together with culture and creativity: water. Water has always been the element that has connected the City to the whole world. Our duty is to take part in the environmental debate, that is more and more urgent, not only for the City of Venice, but also for the entire planet.”

 Venice International Foundation - Restorations

Above: Doge’s Palace:
Gilding of the ceiling – Sala del Maggior Consiglio - Gleam Team Project

Fortuny Museum:
Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo: Bayreuth Theatre and Teatro delle Feste models – Fortuny Mission Project

Basilica of Saint Mark’s:
Cupola of the Creation – on the Wings of the Angel’s project

Ca Rezzonico:
- Four frescos by Antonio Guardi: Minerva, Apollo, Venus and Cupid, and The Triumph of Diana.  Restored in collaboration with Bulgari Italia.
- Sixty frescoes by Giandomenico Tiepolo, originally from his family villa in Zianigo.

Forever Venice: Venice International Foundation and Friends of Venice, Italy Inc..  The draft presentation of the Sublime Canova project sits on the library table.  It is a plan for the three-room wing display of Antonio Canova’s works: sketches, models, plaster and marble statues in the Correr Museum located in Saint Mark’s Square. Sublime Canova is a fundraising initiative benefiting Venice’s Civic Museums Foundation and promoted by VeniceInternational Foundation and Friends of Venice, Italy, Inc.

Correr Museum – Sublime Canova. Antonio Canova’s duo of statues Orpheus and Eurydice, completed in 1776, stand at one extremely of the sumptuous Ballroom of the Correr Museum. Antonio Canova was the greatest neoclassical sculptor and Venice was of the most important influence in his formative years.  The Correr Museum holds some of his most significant early works, which already displayed his precocious genius, his expressive talent, and show workmanship of superior quality.

Venice Forever: Tiziana Agostini, Councillor for Education Policies and the Family to the City of Venice.

Lifestyle - Lunch: Jesurum hand-made Venetian lace and linen napkins grace the lunch table and sit on classic family fine bone china plates. Rare diamond pattern Murano glasses are filled with water and wine.

Lifestyle - Lunch:  Small silver pheasants from a family collection are used as centerpieces.

Mixed Salad with Avocados, Corn and Eggs

Lifestyle - Lunch:  Special guest, Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada enjoys classic Italian pasta.


The Menu
 Mixed Salad with Avocados, Corn and Eggs
Fusili in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Basil
Fresh Pineapple and Strawberries

Lifestyle - Lunch:  The wine, Recantina, Rosso delle Venezie comes, significantly, from the vineyards in Col San Martino, Asolo, near Canova’s hometown.  The hand blown glass vase by American artist Toots Zynsky is made with a technique invented by the artist, which she calls "Fillet de Verre". A Classic Murano water pitcher also sits on the side table.

Lifestyle - Lunch:  A collection of colorful 1940’s Murano ashtrays on a silver tray, in the middle, a vase of tole peinte strawberries from Erbavoglio, Milan.

Venice International Foundation and Friends of Venice, Italy Inc..
Venice Forever
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