Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Asti: D. Barbero1883 – Nougat and Chocolate Factory

Asti: D. Barbero1883 – Nougat and Chocolate Factory. In the center of Asti in the Monferrato region of Northen Italy is the D. Barbero 1883 nougat and chocolate factory, museum and shop. It was five generations ago in 1883 that Melchiorre Barbero first gained permission to produce the famous nougat "Torroni e Noasetti". Today as in the past, the typical Piedmontese crumbly type of nougat and the gianduja chocolates are a real treats for experts and sweet lovers. The nougat produced according to the old traditional recipe of the town of Asti has recently received the Italian brand DE.C.O. that is to say "Local Denomination of Origin". 

D. Barbero 1883 – The Museum.  In the museum Gianni Barbero (who runs the family business with his nephew Davide Maddaleno) explains the old machinery, the original documents and the old photos, which are treasured in the "Collection of Old Machinery for Chocolate Production".  The tour ends with a tasting of special products.


D. Barbero 1883 - The Shop: Torroncino Cream and Chocolate and Torroncino Cream are ideal to spread on bread, breadsticks and the taste is considerably exalted if spread on a cracker, pate brise and savory baked goods.

D. Barbero 1883 - The shop. Maria wraps up the chocolate goodies in the shop.

 D. Barbero1883 - The Shop. Chocolate covered Rubata Breadsticks, the Piedmontese breadsticks are covered with extra plain chocolate.

photograph by manfredi bellati

D. Barbero1883 – The Museum.  Advertising the company during the 38th Giro d’Italia, the annual bicycle stage race in 1955.

D. Barbero 1883 – The Museum.   In the early twentieth century, this antique custom made travelling suitcase housed the sample range.

D. Barbero 1883 - The shop. A reproduction of antique tin boxes holds various nougats and gianduiotti chocolates.

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