Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Treviso: Modesign – Newcomers 2013: Nemanja Popadic @ Spazio Paraggi

Treviso: Modesign – Newcomers 2013:  Nemanja Popadic @ Spazio Paraggi. Nemanja Popadic’s There is No True Forgiveness collection is a project that arose from the need to bring in the next level of understanding of the stream of consciousness. An imaginary journey where the mind is stretched between two ideas and where two realities coexist, trying to find a meaning. Walking along this road and accepting the loneliness, it crosses into a timeless dimension. The collection becomes an interrupted sequence, a set of self-sufficient garments, which are not predestined to any specific body, even if they incorporate a large number of different bodies.

Spazio Paraggi art gallery the Heartstorming exhibition with works by Roberta Battaglia.
Above. Roberta Battaglia’s watercolor – Col Fiore in Bocca, 2013.

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