Thursday, July 04, 2013

Treviso: Modesign - Day 1

Treviso: Modesign – Day 1. For three days Treviso is animated by an extraordinary event made up of exhibitions, fashion shows and talks with guests from the world of fashion, as well as, new talents, aspiring stylists and designers through research and collaboration with major Italian companies that contribute to Made in Italy. Modesign is a creative platform which is divided into two sections and at two different times: the first, Fashion at IUAV, dedicated to fashion and design: July 3-5,  the second, Made in IUAV, with a focus on product design and is scheduled for October. 


Treviso: Modesign. Now in full swing, Modesign/Fashion at IUAV and dedicated to fashion design is a project of the University IUAV of Venice, which aims to bring together the creative enterprises and universities in the Northeast.  Above the first of three days of seminars, exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances in  project application in Venice with the Northeast as European Capital of Culture in 2019, Treviso.


Treviso: Modesign- 11 Ideas for Italy book presentation.  First appointment was the presentation of the book 11 ideas for Italy, published by "Agenda" Marsilio Editori. Among the 11 papers published in the volume, Modarama. Italy seen from the Moon by Maria Luisa Frisa,  from which the talk take its cue.  Among the panel Lapo Cianchi, director of communications and special events Pitti Immagine, the journalist Giusi Ferre, Frederick Download, director of Studio Magazine, Maria Luisa Frisa director of the undergraduate program in Fashion Design Arts and Multimedia at IUAV Venice University, it was moderated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, director of Project Association Marzotto.

President of the Agenzie immobiliare Sandri, Giovanna Sandri Mazzer greets guests.

Art PR Valeria Regazzoni and Pier’s CEO Marzia Narduzzi.

Maria Luisa Frisa director of the undergraduate program in Fashion Design Arts and Multimedia at IUAV Venice University takes the chair.

The Corriere della Sera, Io Donna’s legendary Giusi Ferre and Angelo Grimaldi, Nord Est Europa’s PR.

We drank Bisol’s Prosecco Jeio.

Treviso: Modesign/Fashion at IUAV. The second talk of the evening was the presentation of the whole three day program entitled Modesign/Fashion at IUAV  and was attended by the big names in entrepreneurship in the creative territory.  Attilio Biancardi, CEO New Mills / Fashion Box Group (Replay), Nicola Tognana, President Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, moderator Giusi Ferre, the neo-Mayor of Treviso Giovanni Manildo, Maria Luisa Frisa, Marzia Narduzzi, CEO Pier and Moreno De Noni, Knitwear Maso.

Day One: La Frisa's bangles…
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