Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Food: Lucchessia - Mescita Lotti Restaurant


Summer Food:  Lucchessia - Mescita Lotti Restaurant. Mescita Lotti restaurant better known, just as Tambellini, has to be one of my favorite restaurants.  I love to eat in the small garden on blue butcher’s paper where the regional cuisine is given a modern touch and looks so pretty on the plates. The owner, Emanuela Tambellini says, “Simple things are the most refined.” and how right she is.
Above. A welcome dish from the cook, a delicious Scarpaccia Viareggina, which is a typical cake from Viareggio, it is  “sweet and sour”, and made with zucchini it was the perfect appetizer.
Mescita Lotti is on the road to Sant'Alessio, near Lucca (+39 0583 342077).

 Spaghetti with Anchovies, Flowers and Mint

Summer Food: Tambellini.  The daily menu is also hand printed on classic butcher’s paper.

Pear Cake

Raspberry  Sorbet with Chocolate Chips

Tuscany: Sunflowers - not only olive oil.
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