Saturday, June 29, 2013

Venice 2013 - Arsenale: 55th International Art Biennale; National Pavilions – Argentina

 Photograph courtesy Nicola Costantino

Venice 2013 - Arsenale: 55th International Art Biennale; National Pavilions – Argentina. At the Argentina Pavilion, Nicola Costantino embodies Eva Peron, the exhibition, Eva-Argentina. A Contemporary  Metaphor, is commissioned by Magdalena Faillace and Curated by Fernando Farina. For the first time, the myth of one of the most emblematic women of the XX century is addressed in the language of contemporary arts. Rapsodia Inconclusa (Unfinished Rhapsody) introduces the problem of a representation that has, either in one way or another, always been too partial and too constrained. Two video-installations Eva the Dreams, above, and Eva the Mirror, an object-machine, Eva the Strength and an almost abstract Eva the Rain: all four works try, from different angles, to portray Eva at the same time in between what is personal and what is political, real and fictitious, private and public.

 Photograph courtesy Nicola Costantino

Argentinian Pavilion. Eva the Rain, ends this unfinished rhapsody. The atmosphere of the installation is that of an autopsy or embalming room. A stainless steel table is covered by a mountain of ice tears which, when melting, become falling drops that increase the monotonous background sound of rain, standing for the people’s never-ending sorrow.

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