Monday, May 20, 2013

NYC: Gastby Mania – Windows

NYC: Gastby Mania – Windows # 1. The Great Gastby movie, directed by Baz Luhrmann in 3D, based on Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary classic, has spurred Gastby mania and has hit the windows of Midtown Manhattan.
Above:  At Tiffany and Company’s windows designed by Christopher Young celebrate the movie with millions of glass bubbles, diamonds, pyramids of champagne glasses and lots of diamonds. The Great Gatsby Collection of jewels was inspired by and featured in the movie and was designed in collaboration with Catherine Martin, the movie’s costume designer, they are based on archival jewels.


 NYC: Gastby Mania – Windows # 2.  At Prada the windows feature 1920 inspired clothes. For the movie, Miuccia Prada designed the costumes together with Baz Luhrmann’s wife Catherine Martin; Brooks Brothers designed the men’s clothes.

NYC: Gastby Mania – Windows # 3. More discreetly in Assouline’s New York flagship bookstore boutique, inside the Plaza Hotel, a few vintage and out of print books, especially selected on the subject are for sale.
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