Thursday, May 16, 2013

New York: The Fornasetti II Wallpaper Collection.

New York: The Fornasetti II Wallpaper Collection. The Fornasetti II wallpaper collection produced by Cole and Son was presented to the American press in the Lee Jofa showroom in the D and D building. The new Fornasetti collection takes a bold step in wallpaper design, transcending the obvious and transforming eclectic and whimsical drawings with eccentric motifs of fantastical flying machines, architectural details, playful monkeys, keys and owls which evoke a theatrical and magical space.
Above: Barnaba Fornasetti is being interviewed by the press. He continues to produce and revives his father’s designs, skillfully taking inspiration from the extensive Fornasetti archives in Milan.

The Fornasetti II wallpaper collection.  Acquario: The fish theme appears in some of the earliest Fornasetti work, this design adopts some of the motifs used on decorative trays, and was picked for their whimsical and naive appearance.

Barnaba Fornasetti and Cole and Son CEO Simon Glendenning. Commenting on the new collection, Barnaba Fornasetti stated: “Pablo Neruda once described my father as the magician of precious and precise magic and I think that this decorative collection beautifully captures the magic essence of the Fornasetti world”.     

The Fornasetti II wallpaper Collection. Nicchie: Comprising a number of well-proportioned trompe l’oeil niches, Nicchie was originally conceived as a decorative screen in the 1950’s. Re-structured to work as a wallpaper, this unmistakably Fornasetti crosshatched design features a surreal assortment of mandolins, fruit, keys and hourglasses in graphic tones of black on white, charcoal and parchment with highlights of red, gold and bronze.

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