Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Venice: Lifestyle – Working lunch in a Palazzo on the Grand Canal.

Venice: Lifestyle – Working lunch in a Palazzo on the Grand Canal. During a photo shoot for Christie’s magazine a simple and delicious lunch was organized chez Attilio and Gabriella Codognato. Fourth generation jeweler and Contemporary Art collector AttilioCodognato has amassed an impressive collection which is housed on the piano nobile of a Palazzo on the Gran Canal.
Read all about it.  In the May issue of Christie’s magazine you can view the collection and the palazzo.
Above. Water is brought to the small cards table set up in the corner of the dinning room, for an informal and quick lunch. A Cy Twombly painting and a bust of the emperor Caesar Augustus sit above an Empire style side table.

Working lunch in a Palazzo. A small card table is set with early Twentieth Century antique Murano lace tablemats.  Family crystal long stem goblets tinted in three colors, and Richard Ginori porcelain plates with a simple gold rim elegantly compliment the shell pattern silver cutlery.

Risotto con Castraure

Mixed Green Salad with Avocado, Giant Prawns and Herbs

Baked Apples and Prunes


Gabriella’s Candied Ginger Dipped in Chocolate

Note: The baby artichokes or in Venetian castraure are a Venetian delicacy and are only in season for one month of the year, they are the first floral shoots of the artichoke which are cut off in a certain way to 'castrate' the plant.

Working lunch in a Palazzo. The elaborate silver shell shaped sugar bowl in the foreground is a rare and antique Codognato design “There are no more craftsmen able to execute work like this today.” Attilio regretfully explains.

Jeweler and Contemporary Art Collector, Attilio Codognato who he is known by his international A list clientele for his exotic and Gothic jewels and in particular, the Skull and Serpent series, photographer Manfredi Bellati who is currently working on a NY inspired project; The High Line, as well as, a work in progress photographic essay on grotesque tourism in Venice, architect Gabriella Barbini Codognato who besides restoring Venetian Palazzi is also working on a new Museum in Bassano del Grappa.

A special guest peeks in.
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