Saturday, April 27, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Mauro Grifoni and Matteo Cibic – Gelato alla Milanese

 Milan: FF 2013 – Mauro Grifoni and Matteo Cibic – Gelato alla Milanese. With a take on the classic Risotto alla Milanese, art director and creative thinker Matteo Cibic presented his new project Gelato alla Milanese in the windows of the Mauro Grifoni boutique in Milan center.

  Gelato alla Milanese. At every international event in the design and fashion capital, Matteo Cibic is present. And, yes he is related to design superstar and Memphis founder, his uncle Aldo.  With his creative thinking from product to fashion through art, graphic, photography and exhibits, his job is to create brand identities and products through storytelling and design.

Gelato alla Milanese – Mauro Grifoni. The Mauro Grifoni boutique has always been sensitive in promoting young and avant-garde talents in its windows and in the Corridors and Stairs gallery, like Pizza magazine, as well as, projects from the IUAV University in Venice.
Above: Saffron-tasting ice cream is produced with the most seductive of spices. It is a bright yellow color, sweet, soft, and creamy.   Its exclusive recipe has been studied and produced by the Prodotti Stella research center and has exploited to the utmost the sumptuous saffron from Zafferano 3 Cuochi.
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