Thursday, April 25, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Flos – Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti

Milan: FF 2013 – Flos – Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti.  Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti, or rather bringing his work back to light, appeared to Flos as a fitting and captivating challenge.  It is fitting because Sarfatti was probably the greatest Italian lightening designer.  Active between 1939 and 1973, he renovated and updated traditional typologies and invented new functions for light, designing over six hundred lamps and fittings that were all produced by Arteluce, the company he founded in 1939 and sold to Flos in 1973.  This legacy posed a responsibility that could no longer be left on the shelf.

Flos – Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti.  Detracting nothing from the integrity of the lamps’ original forms, it was essential to bring these objects into the present day, “re-lighting” them by adopting cutting-edge LED technology, which had to be introduced with the upmost sophistication yet without being invasive.
Above.   Droplight, Model 2129 designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1969.
Flos – Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti.   Table Lamp, Model 548 designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1951.
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