Saturday, April 27, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Erastudio Apartment-Gallery


Milan: FF 2013 – Erastudio Apartment-Gallery.  ErastudioApartment-Design Gallery presents Rhizome, an infinitely walkable journey between works of contemporary design made ​​by different architects and designers from around the world. Vincenzo De Cotis, Gunjan Gupta and Peter Bauhuis propose, through their heterogeneous paths a personal vision of contemporaneity between form and matter. Also on show, pictured above and installation created by the Polish  artist Xawery Wolski where space, matter and light are woven into a dialogue on the "Spatial Concept". It is a work of art open in which changes are inevitable and the form is concentrated in the proportion of ascent. "Spatial Concept" has reduced the silence of each element worked tricot, which passes into something similar to air.
Erastudio Apartment-Gallery’s Patrizia Tenti
Erastudio Apartment-Design Gallery – Peter Bauhuis. German designer Peter Bauhuis series of vases entitled Melbourne Seria  three cups in bronze and brass through which he explores the border between the form and its absence.
 photograph courtesy erastudio

Erastudio Apartment-Design Gallery – Gunjan Gupta. Gunjan Gupta is an award-winning designer and recognized as one of the best designers in India.  His work explores the potential of luxury craft, by trying to revive the traditional Indians crafts. The aim of the project is to reconfigure the urban Indian landscape and daily rituals in functional installations that are at the same time his signature sculptural and cultural style. 
Above: Bori Sofa 2013. The sofa is reminiscent of the iconic image of the trade bags of rice in the bustling streets of New Delhi.
 photograph courtesy erastudio
 Erastudio Apartment-Design Gallery – Gunjan Gupta.   Gunjan Gupta’s Matka table, worked from the stone known as redsand-stone, creates the illusion of Indian terracotta and invokes the multi-objects commonly used in Indian society.
 photograph courtesy erastudio
Erastudio Apartment-Design Gallery – Vincenzo De Cotis. Vincenzo De Cotis’s 3Modular-lamp, numbered limited edition, is a special project, in aged silver-plated brass and tubular lamp, the architect’s collaboration with the gallery boasts several years.
Erastudio Apartment-Design Gallery – Gaetano Pesce. A preview of  unique pieces for  the project Lo Sveronese by Gateano Pesce with Venini and Erastudio Apartment-Gallery for Art Basel in June.
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