Monday, February 25, 2013

Milan: MFW – Ter et Bantine - Winter 2013

Milan: MFW – Ter et Bantine - Winter 2013. Ter et Bantine’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is a tribute to menswear. The reinvention of the men’s suit is translated as a delicate romantic element.

Ter et Bantine's creative designer Manuela Arcari and stylist Havana Laffitte


MFW: Ter et Bantine. Tailor made details of deep pinstripe patterns on wool, the purity of grey mélange and clean lines outline the body shape.   The focal point of the collection is the waistline, accentuated with double-breasted crossings, high corsets and croc-belts.

 MFW: Ter et Bantine – Make up.  The makeup was designed by Terry Barber using M.A.C. Pro team makeup.

Makeup artist Terry Barber explains, “Purity. Religious. Beautiful, moist skin.  Mauve around the eyes. Like a sculpture the nude makeup is very powerful. Skin colored lips.”

Hair Stylist Eugene Souleiman “I wanted the hair to look like the model had literally just been swimming and come out of the water. It’s stiff and it doesn’t move, just like wet hair, it has an abstract kind of quality.”

Photographer Stefano Guindani with his ring flash, ready to shoot backstage.

PR Silvia Negri Firman

A revitalizing foot massage

MFW: Ter et Bantine – the shoes.  Fur and velvet sandals, lace up mules and clogs in patchwork leather enhance the imaginary idea of an exotic woman with a folk twist.

 PRs Celeste Morozzi and Anil Durutan

MFW: Ter et Bantine. Both long and knee-length pleated skirts adorned with simple decoration appliques on hemlines. 

Galleria Milano’s Carla Pellegrini

MFW: Ter et Bantine.  Juxtaposition of classic materials with fur: shearling and Persian fur sweaters, patches of mink, crocheted mohair trimmings, alpaca robes in an effortless and daring manner.  Ethnic patterns, flocked fabric and printed fabric pops out between layers of the garment.

Chili Martini
Vodka, pineapple, chili, paprika and lime.

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