Monday, December 17, 2012

Venice: Lilli Doriguzzi – an artist’s studio.

Venice: Lilli Doriguzzi – an artist’s studio.  Artist Lilli Doriguzzi lives and works in Venice. Multiplo 4, 2006, Venezia, as you have seen it, fragile, empty and transparent, is reduced to a single inscription on a transparent tube of glass, presented in its own container.

Lilli Doriguzzi in her studio besides her Xstante, 2009 sculptures. “The themes of the body and architecture come about as a necessary form of meditation and if it is necessary thus to lose oneself, evidence of passage must leave its trace upon the space around. The use of transparent materials, painting of sheets of acetate, sewn nets, threads of nylon or metal or light, tracing on cloth or paper, inflatable structures, reflective surfaces, writings and sculpture in glass fill space allowing the gaze to cross over the work without passing through it; signs and signals that weightlessly fill the void.” Lilli describes her work.

Lilli Doriguzzi – Canal Grande – Gaming Table sculpture. “ The space I live in may be synthesized in a line: the loop of the Grand Canal which divides Venice in two parts, enhancing its strange and distinctive labyrinthine quality.  Along its length are seven public gondola ferry stops (traghetti), like stitches holding together the two opposite banks of the canal.  The idea of this game is to underline the uniqueness of this city and the special way in which people meet and relate to one another.”  The aim is for two people to meet on either side of the canal before time runs out… “The Grand Canal is crisscrossed by seven lines along its course which, as well as supporting the structure of the game sculpture, are placed in correlation with the traghetti stops.”   An hourglass keeps time while two players throw a dice, if luck is on their side, they will land on the same side of the gondola crossing and meet each other, thus both winning the game. 

Lilli Doriguzzi – Canal Grande – research.  “I drew the outline of the Grand Canal on a piece of paper, downloading if from Google Earth, then I cut along the outline and set the two halves of paper some centimeters apart to link them.”


Lilli Doriguzzi – Canal Grande – tabletop version. The tabletop version of the Canal Grande board game sculpture. “The spotless white enamel surface becomes enriched with elements to be used in the game: arolla pine wooden dice, purpleheart wooden tokens, ebony wooden counting pegs, glass rings, a perspex hourglass sit in the two side drawers.


Lilli Doriguzzi – C G Libro d’Artista.  One of the seven silver brooches contained in one of the seven limited edition CG 2012 signed artist books. Also in the elegant book are three digital photo prints.


Handsome, Arte, Lilli’s cat looks on.
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