Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Venice: Island of San Giorgio Maggiore – Angola Pavilion

Venice:  Island of San Giorgio Maggiore – Angola Pavilion. Beyond Entropy Angola is the first Pavilion of the Republic of Angola at the Venice Biennale Architecture exhibition. Rather than presenting a series of projects taking place in Angola, the pavilion is a real scale prototype of the proposal: it shows the very possibility of what the peri-urban areas of Luanda could become. 

Angola – Beyond Entropy Angola. Beyond Entropy is an architectural agency that uses the concept of energy as a poetic instrument for understanding, conceiving and producing new forms of architecture beyond the rhetoric of sustainability.  Energy cannot be reduced sole to a technical issue; it is a mode of transformation that informs the concept of space.


Angola – Beyond Entropy Angola.  The pavilion is articulated in two types of space: the voids of the footprints of buildings and the common ground in between.   The voids located at the entry points of the pavilion, are space occupied by shelters of Cazenga.  The interstitial space, planted with Arundo donax, is the common ground in between the voids.  The common ground performs both as a public space and as energetic ground.

Beyond Entropy Angola - Beyond Entropy Ltd
Commissioner: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Angola. Curators: Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Paula Nascimiento.

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