Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Miu Miu: Women Tales – Muta - Lucrezia Martel

Miu Miu: Women Tales – Muta by Lucrezia Martel. In this contemporary film noir, an elegant crew of female creatures emerges insect-like from portals on board a ship anchored in a tropical sea, their faces obscured from view.  The beings sashay like 40’s femme fatales, bearing sunglasses which conceal all but the fluttering of their false lashes as a new language is revealed, a Morse code of clicks and vibrations which underscore their private fantasy world of desire and spiritual escapism.  Entombed aboard this luxury modernist boat, the female chrysalides prepare for their strange metamorphosis, symbols of evolution, transcendence and escape from the material and ephemeral.
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