Friday, September 21, 2012

Milano: S/S 2013 RTW- Palazzo Morando – Who Is On Next? 2012 Vogue Talents party


Milano: S/S 2013 RTW- Palazzo Morando – Who Is On Next? 2012 Vogue Talents party.  Now in it’s eighth edition, during Fashion Week, Vogue Italia, in collaboration with Altaroma, and Fidenza Village Chic Outlet Shopping, presents at Palazzo Morando, Who Is On Next? 2012 (until September 24), a research to find the best young talents in Ready to Wear and accessory designs.

Vogue Italia's editor in chief Franca Sozzani

Vogue America's editor in chief Anna Wintour

Who Is On Next? 2012: Vega Zaishi Wang - Zaishi Wang - Beijing China.

Fidenza Village Chic Outlet Shopping CEO Desiree Bollier and the IHT's Suzy Menkes

Ethical Gold's founder and director, Daniela Colaiacovo, Vogue America's Hamish Bowles and creative director of Eco Age Livia Firth 

Alberta Ferretti


Who Is On Next? 2012: Susanne Susceptible – Soo Jung Cha – South Korea “A summa of all experiences creates a complex and multifaceted artistic imagery.  Personal styles as an esthetic and cultural path.”

Yvonne and Marie Louise Scio and Max Mara's Giorgio Guidotti

Who is Wait and See's Uberta Zambelletti photographing?
Wait and See below

Cartoon artist Francesca Zambelletti


Who Is On Next? 2012: Conspiracy – Gianluca Tamburini – Italy. "Technology, craftsmanship and creativity, with an eye to Made in Italy high quality: Conspiracy reinterprets the luxury and the exclusivity of the third millennium.”

 Who Is On Next? 2012: Alessia Xoccato – Alessia Xoccato – Italy “A study on de-structured geometries, shapes and volumes, on the relationship of space with the body, determine an experimental approach in the construction of the garment, and in defining the proportions and fabrics employed.”

Vogue Italia's talent scouter Sara Majno and Corso Como 10 Carla Sozzani


Who Is On Next? 2012: Koonhor – Koon Lim/Catrine The – Singapore “A breath of elusive luxury that aims to dress modern women by accentuating her strength and inherent sophistication balancing the principles of masculinity and femininity, composing tailored signature pieces that incarnate the independent spirit of fashion.”

Luca Corbetta and video artist Francesco Vezzoli 

Who Is On Next? 2012: Mario Chiarella – Mario Chiarella – Italy “In the woman I look for lightness and the metamorphosis.  Hence my style: innovative in the use of materials, ethereal and refined.”

Who Is On Next? 2012: Ely. B. Eleonora Bruno – Italy.  The brands motto is "Important hats for the intelligent minds, for women who are not afraid to justify their personal madness.” And, the trademark is the contrast between ancient and modern, between twigs and sparkling diamonds, falling down a waterfall of happiness when worn.

Fidenza Village Chic Outlet Shopping CEO Desiree Bollier and Missoni muse Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos

Who Is On Next? 2012: Charline De Luca – Carlotta De Luca – Italy “Exploring her creations is like entering a world of shapes inspired by contemporary architecture, like an homage paid to pure creativity.”

Entepreneur Diego Della Valle and president of Pitti Immagine Gaetano Marzotto

Designer Caterina Gatta wearing a "hat" by and with Francesco Ballestrazzi

Celeste and Cristina Morozzi

 Who Is On Next? 2012: Marco Bologna – Marco Giugliano/Nicolo Bologna – Italy “For every piece of our collection the first question is “Is it fun?” If yes, then this is the right direction.  We always like to go in the most pop, bold, sparkly way…”

Fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia and W magazine's editor in chief Stefano Tonchi

Who Is On Next? 2012:10 A - Matteo Cibic/Daria Dazzan – Italy. Architect and designer Aldo Cibic supports his nephew Matteo Cibic and Daria Dazzan of 10A. 

    Designer Angelos Bratis and Italian Vogue's editor at large Cesare Cunaccia

Who Is On Next? 2012: San Andres Milano – Andres Caballero – Mexico. “A neo-retro style, inspired by an intellectual and well-read woman who appreciates precious materials, mixing ladylike with cheekiness.”

Events organizer Maurice Dotta with designers Jan and Carlos

Naked but Safe magazine's Manos Samartzis
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