Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milano: Art – Museo del Novecento - Fabio Viale.

Milano: Art – Museo del Novecento - Fabio Viale.  Fabio Viale’s show in the Manica Lunga of the Museo del Novecento near Piazza del Duomo, open until September 30. In the exhibition he introduces two new sculptures; Thank You and Goodbye, above, he transformed two ordinary paper bags, destined for the trash heap, into a monumental, totemic sculpture carved from crystalline Carrara marble. This piece was awarded first prize by the jury of the 2012 Henraux Foundaton Award, and Stargate, two plastic crates.  Fabio Viale is an artist who opts for complete physical involvement with his art. He works exclusively in marble, a material that, by its nature, demands a certain physique du rôle. He also conceives some of his sculptures as performance pieces that require him to enact Herculean physical feats.

Museo del Novecento - Fabio Viale - The Boat. In one of his most astonishing performances, Viale navigated, in bodies of water from the Tiber River in Rome to a pond in Gorky Park, Moscow, a 1,300 lbs. (600 Kg) boat completely carved out of marble, Ahgalla, 2002, a substance not normally known for its buoyancy.


Museo del Novecento - Fabio Viale.  – The Tire. All sculptures of Fabio Viale impress for their technical mastery, they enchant for the sensual beauty of their surfaces while their shapes, inspired to ordinary objects, subvert our usual way of looking at marble sculptures with surprising irony. On another occasion, he rolled a massive marble tire, weighing 2,000 lbs. (1 ton), through the streets of Turin, Opera Rotas, 2005.
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