Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NYC: Ozone Design. Artist, Inventor and Designer Peter Rittmaster.

NYC: Artist, Inventor and Designer Peter Rittmaster. Artist and inventor, Peter Rittmaster has turned one of his many talents to designing socks for Ozone Socks.  The company, of which he is also a partner, is the only sock company in the world whose designs are done solely by artists.  The artist who is also a serious art collector is inspired for his creative sock designs by the many collections that he is surrounded by in his Chelsea loft from which he works.

Ozone Socks – Peter Rittmaster.  The computer renderings for the Endangered Species Collection are ready to be sent to one of the factories.  Peter’s inspiration for the series came from his mother’s1960s needlepoint cushion which proudly sits on one of the sofas in the loft. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these socks will go to protect endangered animals.


Ozone Socks – Peter Rittmaster.  The tongue in cheek Stiletto Tights designed by Peter Rittmaster together with the Men’s Boot Knife sock gather inspiration from Peter’s vast collection of knives.  Appropriately Ozone’s president and CEO Laurie Mallet was quoted in an article in Men’s Vogue as saying “Socks are our secret weapon.”

Ozone Socks – Peter Rittmaster. Part of the antique hand-made knife collection sits on a table in the loft and is surrounded by ethnic art.  Art in one form or another is the starting point for Peter’s designs.

Peter Rittmaster - art. More knives, are the subject of these Peter Rittmaster sculptures called, Baby Blades of which the handles are composed entirely of hundreds of little babies.  They sit on a table together with and antique Japanese Samurai helmet.


Ozone Socks – Peter Rittmaster.  The cool way to make a fashion statement. In fact the mantra of the Ozone men’s sock collection is “Socks are the new tie.”
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