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Hudson: Warren Street - The "main" street of Hudson

Hudson: Warren Street. Warren Street is the “Main Street” of Hudson. And the shopping in Hudson is synonymous with antiques, art galleries, restaurants, house ware and more.  The promenade up and down Warren Street is the weekend mecca and due to its proximity to New York City it is not unusual to see antique dealers and celebrities shopping for antiques and other desirable objects. Here are a just a few of the shops and attractions a small guide, hopefully to be completed in the near future.
Above. 554 Warren Street, an occasional workspace for yard sales. During Memorial Day weekend the space hosted an Art Yard Sale.

327 Warren Street – Hudson Opera House.  Though the ground floor of the Hudson Opera House has been restructured and now hosts multi-cultural events the upper floor is still in need of extensive restoration.  Support the Hudson Opera House to restore it to its former glory.

 photograph and copyright manfredi bellati
250 Warren Street – The Secret Gardener.  It is easy to miss the entrance to this beautiful nursery and landscape design center, The Secret Gardener is tucked away behind stonewalls. Inside the garden, where the plants are beautifully displayed in and around greenhouses.

  photograph and copyright manfredi bellati

The Secret Gardener. Inside  a Greek Revival style farmhouse, with doors from the 1850s, houses a flower shop which also sells garden gift related items.

316 Warren Street - Earl Swanigan Studio. Local character Earl Swanigan is a prolific painter.  He shows his artwork on the sidewalk of the 300 block, as well as in most of the boutiques, bookstores and coffee shops along Warren Street. Though he style is naïf, often in his art he alludes to subtle political events, which often portray President Obama.  The subjects of his wry, bold and ironic paintings are often flora, fauna and lots of dogs on solid backgrounds. He is the most collected artist of Hudson and his affordable art is the souvenir for visitors to take home with them.


444 Warren Street – The Chai Shop. The Chai Shop restaurant is located inside Lillie K. Traders store which sells contemporary Anglo-Indian style furniture, as well as Indian textiles and hand picked Italian clothing.  Sitting on the furniture displayed in the store you can enjoy The Chai Shop’s authentic Indian treats like Chota Hazari (Indian High Tea) or a Bukhara Chicken and Salad, Aloo Tikki Chaat (spiced veggie cutlets with assorted chutneys) or less exotic Mediterranean Salad with Bombay toast.  All ingredients used are local and organic and the finest teas are imported from India. Two tables are  set outside on the sidewalk on pretty iron tables, which are also for sale, great spot for people watching over the weekend.

 photographs and copyright by manfredi bellati

437 Warren Street – Otto.  Otto sells handmade Turkish things for the home. The store features traditionally designed and hand-painted ceramics, woven throws, and kilim pillows as well as jewelry, novelty items, and hand blown and painted glass objects that reflect a more contemporary style.

 photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

401 Warren Street – Hedstrom and Judd. “Light and lovely interior decorating inspired by antiques with Sweden in mind” is Hedstrom and Judd’s slogan, they sell furniture, beds and bedding, linens, ceramics, lighting, botanicals old and new, luxurious bath oils, beautiful gifts, and wall fountains.

  photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati
Two paintings by Earl Swanigan on sale at Hedstrom and Judd.

415 Warren Street – Chris Lehrecke Hudson. One of the stops for design interested shoppers is the Chris Lehrecke’s store, not only a showcase for the talented furniture designer and craftsman but also for his wife Gabriella Kiss's jewelry designs as well as other famous designers such as Ted Muehling, Maureen Fullam and others.
Above. Totem by Chris Lehrecke.

Chris Lehrecke’s  long standard table and chair.

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

529 Warren Street – Relics Antiques.   Kathy Pakay shares the Relics Antiques store with Benjamin Wilson Antiques.  The store has been in Hudson since 1994 and they stock a large selection of continental and eclectic furniture specializing in decorative antiques.

316 Warren Street – Rural Residence.  One of my favorite stores carrying some of my favorite designers like Ozone Socks and John Derian is Rural Residence. Timothy Dunleavy founded the store “on the pursuit of beauty derived from a refined perception of the sentiment of nature.”
Above.  The table in the entrance is laden with Wedgwood cream-colored plates, Pearlware scallop edge plates and some John Derian Marble plates designed for Astier de Villatte.

John Derian at Rural Residence.

Ozone Socks at Rural Residence.

The Bellocq Signature Tea Collection at Rural Residence.

A selection from the stationary and books table at Rural Residence. 

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

347 Warren Street – Truck Pizza. Truck Pizza has been on Warren Street since the end of March. It makes wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas. Truck Pizza began as a scheme hatched by friends sitting around a wood-fired oven hearth eating pizza, thinking about how great it would be to share  their marvelous creations with others. That night's inspiration launched a six-month adventure that involved building a 40" beehive oven. In a truck.

Truck Pizza. Sam Starr founder of Truck Pizza with Sam Merrett who together with Chase, Sara and Sasha, run Truck Pizza. 

Truck Pizza. The pizza is prepared in the back of a converted box van creating a virtual pizza on wheels operation. “Our stove reaches a temperature of 1000 degrees and it only takes minutes to prepare each pie," Sam explained.
 photograph courtesy Pizza Truck
The classical Neapolitan Pizza Margherita with basil.
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