Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hudson: Lifestyle – An artist’s residence.

Hudson: Lifestyle – An artist’s residence. Artists Tony Thompson and his wife Margaret Saliske stand on the steps of their Greek revival 1830’s house in the center of Hudson in the Hudson River Valley. They were some of the first artists to leave New York twenty-three years ago for more space.  They specifically chose Hudson because “The railroad goes straight to New York in two hours and it was becoming hard to be a painter and support yourself in New York.” Tony explains.  Now Hudson is the place for celebrities, and it is no wonder that Marina Abramovic will soon be opening an Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art there.


Lifestyle - An artist’s residence. The established painter Tony Thompson has had numerous solo shows in Boston, New York and Nantucket and his work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC and the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and many other venues in the USA and Europe. In addition to his formal education in painting, he has a degree in cognitive psychology. The intellectual artist spends his time alternating between painting, reading and writing about how cognitive psychology and neuroscience changes our understanding of how art, music and dance are made and why some of us enjoy them so much.
Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  A corner of Thompson’s studio, above the chest one of his “double paintings” which he has been painting for ten years “It slows the recognition and it takes a little more time to look at the paintings.” He says.  The eclectic painter paints abstract and traditional paintings and says that it’s like a “ménage a trois” between himself and the two different styles.

Lifestyle - An artist’s residence. Margaret Saliske is photographed with her photographic  three-dimensional boxes.
Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  “As a photographer and sculptor I am always trying to make photography perform in three dimensional space. In the past I have manipulated photographs by cutting into them, wrapping them around three dimensional forms, and attaching objects to the photographs thereby creating a literal space in juxtaposition to the illusion in the photograph. I enjoy manipulating materials and find photographs have infinite possibilities for creating real or imagined settings.” She explains.
Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  Margaret Saliske’s worktop: besides being an established artist she also restores antique painted and lacquered objects, furniture and architecture, like these Chinoiserie boxes.

The front porch.
Tony Thompson enjoys gardening, above the path that leads towards the vegetable garden. 
Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  Canoes await upside down on the grass in the garden for holidays on Nantucket.
Margaret’s homemade scones were served with whipped cream and strawberries.

Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  On the upstairs veranda overlooking the garden breakfast is served on a red Provencal print tablecloth.
Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  One of Margaret’s painted boxes sits on a antique table between the two sash windows in the living room.

The master bedroom.

Lifestyle - An artist’s residence.  Another of Margaret Saliski’s painted boxes sits in the fireplace of the bedroom. The box was inspired by a Mercedes Gullwing Coupe, because it opens up just like the iconic 1950s car.

The bathroom. 

Lifestyle - An artists residence.  In the hall paintings are stacked up on the walls. 

Tony Thompson’s hats are ready waiting on the hall table.

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