Friday, May 18, 2012

NYC: Partners and Spade – Kid’s Chairs exhibition

NYC: Partners and Spade – Kid’s Chairs. A charming exhibition of Kid’s Chairs from the collection of Patrick Parrish, who operates the Mondo Cane furniture and design store, opened at Partners and Spade. The exhibition, in response to the MoMA's new exhibition, "Century of the Child", presents fifty examples of the form from the years 1890-1990. The Kid’s chairs are on view until June10.and for sale in the store and online.
Above. Children’s Folding Wood Chair, USA 1900’s - Red Metal Children’s Rocker, USA 1900’s – Creative Playthings Horse, USA 1950’s – Children’s Circle Chair, USA 1960’s Children’s Chair by Thonet, USA 1940’s.

Andy Spade of Partners and Spade next to Blue Children's Chair, USA 1950's - Knoll Children's Chair, USA 1950's.

Partners and Spade – Kid’s Chairs. Plywood Children's Chair, Russia 1960's - Knoll Children's Chair, USA 1950's - Aluminium Children's Chair, USA 1930's.

Creative Playthings Rocker, USA 1950's.
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