Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair -Ventura Lambrate - Atelier Belge.

Ventura Lambrate: Atelier Belge.  Atelier Belge is a Belgian stationed label run by Fermetti and Os-kar. As any other label, AB functions in between creator, store and consumer.  They, however, tend towards young designers and craftsmen by giving them the opportunity to develop their ideas in a stimulating environment. Young people with a different feel and touch.


Atelier Belge.  BakZit, designed by Fermetti and Johan Willekens for Atelier Belge, is a folding chair that can also be used as a small table. When you want to use the BakZit you have to put it onto a crate of beer and clap it open. Furthermore there’s a belt, which you have to use to support the backrest, but also to transport the ‘BakZit’ hanging it over your shoulder.
Atelier Belge.  Kleerhanger .01 designed by Os-Kar & Lenny for Atelier Belge.
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