Tuesday, May 08, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Dilmos - Ron Gilad

Dilmos: Ron Gilad.  In Ron Gilard's The Line,The Arch,The Circle and the Square exhibition at Dilmos objects are the end-result of what might be called "three-dimensional concepts".
  He uses simple geometries to describe the transformation of objects, in an imaginary dimension. Many of the ideas he has been developing for years relate to foundational concepts of the history of form, as well as to architecture, art, and design.

Dilmos: Ron Gilad.  Led both by instinct and reason, Gilad's goal is to frame everyday objects within perfect geometry, altering their function and giving them new life. The objects exhibited – seats, coat racks, mirrors, and light fixtures - confirm how successfully and freely Gilad moves among disparate crafts and a wide range of materials. One example is the bench series which picks up on the classic architectonic shape of the arch; using extremely refined techniques to work with marble, he handles this material as if it was as malleable and light as paper. With note of humor and irony, Gilad takes up the opportunity to invite us into a "theatre of the absurd". Here objects are not what they seem, or more accurately, shapes do not immediately suggest function, quite on the contrary. In this exhibition for Dilmos, each object is the translation of an argument and each idea synthesizes a thought.

Dilmos: Ron Gilad.  The Line, 
emerges from a cut in the wall to form a thin iron line, which, not without kindness, supports a candle.

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