Saturday, February 04, 2012

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Paris: Boutique – Moynat. The new Moynat boutique (now owned by LVMH) opened in December, it is situated next to Hermes (it’s parent company) on the rue Saint Honore. Moynat Malletier, established in 1849 is one of the oldest French trunk-makers; it is the very first leather goods houses of its day. Known for its traditional know-how and skills-base in handcrafting made to order luggage and travel goods. The house became famous for its designs for the automobiles, as well as for its technical innovations such as making its trunks lighter and waterproof, and for its notable participation in the various World’s Fairs. The new graphic and architectural design of Moynat is by French architect Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity, based in Tokyo. Nicholas describes himself as a “choreographer of space” as his work concentrates on “the art of encounter”.
Above: One of the windows shows the coming together of two worlds, the famous1902 limousine trunk for automobiles, with it’s concave bottom that closely follows the rounded roof of the car and the new reversible tote. 

Moynat.  The interior of the boutique revolves around a circular space that encircles a column.   As you walk around the new collection is displayed next to it’s original products. 
Note.  The curved car trunks in the foreground sit next to the new collection, which has been given new meaning by transforming the curved forms and unique details from the past into contemporary leather goods.
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