Sunday, January 01, 2012

HAPPY 2012 - Fornsetti Calendar Plates

HAPPY 2012 – with - Fornasetti calendar plates. Piero Fornasetti’s collectable calendar plates were first created and produced in 1968. 
  Piero’s son, Barnaba has continued with this tradition since 1989, establishing a limited edition of 700 plates. The early editions of the calendar plates have entered the auction circuit selling at high prices. Other special New Years objects where produced and in the 1940s, the annuari or yearbooks were created in cooperation with Gio Ponti; hand-printed booklets in limited edition were given exclusively to friends and are of an unobtainable rareness. 

 Photograph courtesy Fornasetti

The Fornasetti mirrors. A collection of more than twenty mirrors with curved reflective surfaces, either concave or convex, which therefore have a deforming, enlarging or transformative effect are on show in the Fornasetti Milan flagship store. The mirrors are embellished or etched to various degrees, and are enclosed in beautifully decorated frames. These are magical objects because in their very complexity they induce a vivid sensation of ancient legends and fantastic stories, recalling aspects of a long-forgotten collective imagination. There was a well-known belief in northern European folklore that a convex mirror was “the witch’s eye” because, just like a huge eye, it could both observe and attract the attention of others. The strategy was to place at least one of these next to a door or window to prevent the entry of the evil eye and misfortune
Above: The Optical Mirror designed by Barnaba Fornasetti has four convex mirrors decreasing in size; the wooden frame is decorated with a black and white optical pattern.

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