Friday, December 16, 2011

Bright Colors for Gloomy Winter Days.

Photograph courtesy Lisa Corti

Milano: Lisa Corti - Bright colors for gloomy winter days.  Colorful cushions brighten up a room on the gloomiest of winter days and textile designer Lisa Corti is a master at color. The range of furnishings, clothes and articles made by Lisa Corti are well known for their characteristic weightlessness, transparency and wise use of colors and dyes. Mezzeri, quilts, mandala, blankets pillows, curtains, tapestries and tablecloths. The style is very oriental. The design is not only based on taste and elegance, but also on the care given to what is essential for a lifestyle that combines a touch of the Orient to the standards of Western living.

Lisa Corti.  Textile designer Lisa Corti wears her bright colorful clothes.   “Ask me about my work and I will tell you about my passion for color, a love that has roots in far away lands, in my childhood in Africa. Women dressed in color, only one color, moved into the light as if gliding. Mysterious angels in cobalt pink, yellow, green, violet. I have always carried them within me. It seems incredible, yet that cobalt, that pink in the sun are something I thrive on.”  She explains.

Lisa Corti.  Lisa Corti’s sketchbook sits on a table in her home.  Inspiration comes from her various trips to India where she has carried out an in-depth search on the wide range of fabrics and patterns in various areas of the country and creatively transforming her designs, materials and colors in an infinite number of objects and articles intended as house decorations and furnishings

Lisa Corti.  Roses from the garden are also an inspiration for her designs.

Lisa Corti.  Color swatches hang over a painted chest in her design studio.  "When I discovered India. I found the essence once again in the sweet organza, the impalpable glossy colored air and the fragment of a cloud to be touched and used. Pure color that comes to life as substance, it is weightless and runs, cheerful and gentle, stopping at a central point. It winks and cannot be ignored. These are my tapestries.” 

Lisa talks about her inspiration.

 Photograph courtesy Lisa Corti

 Lisa Corti.  Just six of the many colorful patterns Lisa Corti has designed. For the designer, taste and beauty are not only aesthetic objectives, they are also essentials that fill up her daily life, as well as her furnishings and clothing. Geometry is a constant, as are the elements of nature, the intense colors, the transparencies and weightlessness of the fabrics. Lisa invents things that she enjoys; she does not chase after fashion but goes for the sense of color, light and shapes, in the constant search for symmetry between ancient and contemporary Western cultures.

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